RFI/EMI/EMC Bake & Peel

RFI/EMI/EMC Bake & Peel

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd manufacture a diverse range of Bake & Peels Tape products.

Bake & Peel Tape is designed to withstand the rigors of powder painting and leaves a highly conductive, non-corroding landing area, to ensure optimum conductivity between metal faces and seals. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture a wide variety of products from Bake & Peel Tape including:

All of the above can be manufactured in either plain or self-adhesive backed, peel-able liner on one or both sides. "Bake & Peel" is an easy peel masking tape that is a tin-plated copper foil with an electrically conductive adhesive on one side and a polyester film mask laminated to the other side. Once the foil is applied and the metalwork has been painted and baked the film mask is removed. As the paint overlaps the foil, it seals the edges, preventing moisture ingress. Oxidisation is minimised by the tinned surface of the foil and a highly conductive, corrosion resistant area is left after removal of the easy peel polyester mask centre strip.

Key Characteristics of RFI/EMI/EMC Bake & Peel:

  • Eliminate the need for retro paint stripping
  • Achieve a single mask application process as opposed a mask/strip/re-mask process
  • Reduce your labour costs
  • Eliminate the risk of future corrosion as associated with a bared untreated surface
  • Maintain high shielding attenuation levels by reducing oxidisation
  • Eliminate the need for costly plating

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Anthracite
    • Density: <90KG/M³
    • Fire Propagation Index: <12
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 100ºC
    • Thickness: 1mm – 100mm (can be laminated for greater thickness)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Are Bake & Peel Tape?

    As "Bake & Peel Tape" is not a well-known or standard term in adhesive tape or industrial applications, it's difficult to provide a specific answer to why one would use it. However, if you have a specific product or context in mind, I can provide some general reasons for using specialized adhesive tapes in industrial or baking applications, which may be relevant to the intended use of "Bake & Peel Tape."

    Temperature Resistance: Some adhesive tapes are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for baking and other heat-related applications. These tapes can be used to seal or secure items during baking processes without melting or losing adhesion.

    Easy Removal: In baking, it's often important that the tape can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the baked goods or cooking surfaces. Specialized tapes can offer clean removal properties.

    Food Safety: If the tape is intended for use in contact with food items during the baking process, it must meet food safety regulations and be free from harmful chemicals or substances that could leach into the food.

    Advantages of Using Bake & Peel Tape

    Sealing and Wrapping: Tapes are commonly used in baking for sealing bags, wrapping pastry dough, securing parchment paper, or attaching labels. The choice of tape can depend on the specific task and the need for a strong, secure seal.

    Customization: Baking and food preparation may require specialized tapes designed for particular tasks. Some tapes are customizable, allowing bakers to select the appropriate tape for their specific needs.

    Safety and Hygiene: Baking in commercial or industrial settings often requires strict adherence to safety and hygiene standards. Tapes used in these environments should comply with such standards and contribute to a safe and hygienic baking process.

    If you have a specific product in mind or more details about "Bake & Peel Tape," please provide additional information, and I would be happy to offer a more accurate explanation of its use and benefits.

    Why Use Bake & Peel Tape?

    Clean Removal: One of the key advantages is the ability to cleanly and easily remove the tape without leaving adhesive residue on baked goods, cooking surfaces, or baking equipment. This ensures that the final product remains visually appealing and ready for consumption.

    Food Safety: Tapes designed for baking applications are typically formulated to be food-safe, meaning they do not introduce harmful chemicals or contaminants to the food. This is crucial for maintaining food quality and safety.

    Secure Sealing: These tapes offer a strong and secure seal, ensuring that bags, pastry dough, parchment paper, and other items remain properly sealed during baking. This can prevent spillage, maintain food freshness, and enhance the cooking process.

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