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EVA Polyethylene Foam

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are leading manufacturers of products made from EVA Polyethylene Foam.  We stock and convert EVA polyethylene foam in various colours and densities. We convert EVA Polyethylene Foam “Direct from the block” which gives us full control over product dimensions and quality.

EVA Polyethylene Foam looks very similar in appearance to 24Kg Polyethylene or 45Kg Polyethylene but feels more rubbery.

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture a wide variety of products from Nylon Plastic including:

All of the above can be manufactured in either plain or self-adhesive backed, peel-able liner in one or both sides.  EVA polyethylene foam is similar to normal polyethylene foam as they are both closed cell, but has increased tear resistance, increased recovery properties and increased wear resistance.  Popular uses of EVA Polyethylene Foam include Gym/yoga and camping mats, Sports equipment, Sole inserts, Eaves fillers, Expansion jointing and Display packaging.

Key Characteristics of EVA Polyethylene Foam:

  • Chemical and weather resistance
  • Vibration/impact absorption
  • Thermal and Acoustic properties
  • Splash resistance to oils and fuels
  • Buoyancy with low water absorption

Quality of our EVA Polyethylene Foam

The quality of the products and services manufactured from EVA Polyethylene Foam is controlled by our Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001.

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