Log Cutter

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd utilises the very latest log cutting technology to manufacture foam and rubber strip using a series of log cutting Machines, these machines have the capability to produce fully wound coils of strip starting from 4mm in width to over 1 metre at increments of 0.1mm between. We have the ability to quickly convert your exact strip requirements in the fastest possible time.

Plain or self-adhesive backed Product is tension wound onto cardboard cores, loaded onto the machine then automatically sliced to the required width using our range of CNC controlled Log Cutting Machines.

Our Log Cutting machinery incorporates automatic blade sharpening, width cutting, quantity and batch completion along with many other features which allow us to carry out fully automated production of Foam & Rubber strip in the fastest possible time all to the highest quality.

The automation that our Log Cutter Machines bring, allows us to offer the most cost-effective product at the very best standard of quality.

Quality of the products from our Log Cutter section

The products manufactured by our Log Cutter section are quality controlled throughout this process using the procedures set out in our fully documented Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001. Our QMS system is externally verified by ISOQAR.

Help with Log Cutter products

If you would like to speak with a representative to discuss your specific application or requirements please call our sales office direct on 01384 469100, alternatively, you can send an E-mail. Simply click on the link and forward us your details along with your question and we will contact you immediately.