Anti-Static Foam Seals

Anti Static Polyethylene Foam Seals

Anti-Static Foam Seals

Anti-Static Foam Seals – a revolutionary solution that combines advanced anti-static properties with reliable sealing capabilities. Crafted to meet the demands of sensitive electronic environments, our Anti-Static Foam Seals provide a critical line of defense against electrostatic discharge (ESD) while ensuring a dependable seal for your valuable equipment.

Designed with precision and engineered for excellence, our Anti-Static Foam Seals are an essential component in preventing damage to sensitive electronic components caused by static electricity. The unique anti-static properties of the foam material dissipate electrostatic charges, safeguarding your equipment from potential malfunctions, data loss, and other ESD-related issues.

In addition to their anti-static prowess, our foam seals are designed to excel in environmental sealing applications. Their compressibility, resilience, and ability to conform to irregular surfaces ensure a reliable barrier against dust, moisture, and contaminants. Whether utilized in cleanroom environments, electronic enclosures, or manufacturing facilities, these seals provide peace of mind that your equipment remains protected and operational.

Rigorously tested to meet stringent industry standards, our Anti-Static Foam Seals are a testament to quality, performance, and reliability. This ensures that your sensitive electronics are shielded from static-related risks without compromising on the effectiveness of the seal.

Incorporating our Anti-Static Foam Seals into your applications signifies more than just protection – it signifies a commitment to innovation, reliability, and the preservation of your critical electronic assets.

Choose our Anti-Static Foam Seals for a seamless integration of anti-static properties and sealing excellence. With a dedication to delivering superior materials, we empower your technological endeavors with solutions that redefine possibilities. Step into the future of anti-static protection and sealing – choose Anti-Static Foam Seals for unwavering performance and security.

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    Characteristics of Anti Static Polyethylene Foam

    Colour: Pink

    Density: 35kg/m3

    Temperature: MAX operating temperature 70℃

    Flammability: Tested to FMVSS302

    Resistances: Impervious to chemicals, moisture and mold/fungal growth

    Sheet Size: 2mtr x 1mtr

    Thicknesses: available up to 50mm without laminations

    What Are Anti Static Polyethylene Foam Seals?

    Anti Static Polyethylene foam (Ethafoam) is one of hundreds of materials ASG convert into sealing components. It’s a non-cross linked, closed cell, polyethylene, combined with an antistatic agent (surfactant), recognisable by it’s pink colour (dyed).

    Anti static polyethylene foam seals is specially formulated and designed for the packaging and transportation of static sensitive electronic components and devices such as circuit boards, computer chips, etc as it doesn’t generate static charge when it rubs against itself or other surfaces. Seals are a device or substrate that are used to join surfaces together to either act as a separator or a body to prevent liquids, solids or gases escaping or penetrating the seal.

    PE foam seals can take the form of cut gaskets, strips, washers, extruded profiles and cord, all manufactured using the same closed cell foam which can be compressed, which in turn ‘hardens’ the material to create a secure seal. Many of our anti static polyethylene foam seals can be supplied with a choice of self-adhesives which assists with holding the seal in situ.

    Why Use Anti Static Polyethylene Foam Seals?

    Our anti static polyethylene seals are perfect for use when transporting fragile or expensive products where protective packaging is vital in protecting the goods from damage. They are also useful for placing within electronic components which are static sensitive and can become unusable if stored or shipped within inadequate packaging where an alternative foam or material used wouldn’t break down static charges caused by friction, human interaction or other items in the box.

    As with all polyethylene foams, this one offers protection from impact, moisture and corrosion, but with the benefit of the anti-static agents added to the raw compound. Pink anti-static PE foam is easy to cut into seals of any size, and can be extruded into certain profiles to fit around products, use as protective edge trims and reduce movement.

    Alternative Packaging Foams

    • Convoluted or Eggbox Polyurethane
    • Pick & pluck Polyurethane
    • Static Dissipative Polyethylene
    • Anti-static Polyurethane
    • Plastazote foam

    Advantages Of Using Anti Static Polyethylene Foam Seals

    Anti Static Polyethylene foam seals offer a number of advantages to customers demonstrating many desirable properties including excellent strength and tear resistance, shock absorbency, resistance to chemicals and grease and being closed cell doesn’t support mould and bacteria growth or moisture absorption.

    Pink Anti-static polyethylene foam is available in many thicknesses and can be cut down in perfectly fitting seals in order to fully secure and protect the products from movement, impact and most importantly damage from static charge, which in return saves customers and end-users money on having to replace damaged products.

    Applications in which anti static polyethylene foam seals can be used include packaging electrical and surgical equipment, insulation for glazing and HVAC and automotive insulation, etc.

    Benefits Of Using Anti Static Polyethylene Foam

    • Lightweight for lower transport costs
    • A soft material which offers cushioning
    • Can easily wrap around awkward shapes for added protection
    • Reduces cost of replacing damaged items
    • Closed cell material protects goods from moisture damage
    • Can be used in roll or sheet form, or cut into bespoke case inserts from better fit
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