Foil Faced Acoustic Foam Rolls

Acoustic Foil Faced Polyurethane Foam Roll

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd pride itself on being one of the UK’s largest converters, stockists and suppliers of non-metallic materials including foams, sponges, rubber, plastics and specialist papers.  One such material is foil faced acoustic polyurethane foam, used to manufacture acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls.

Acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls are converted in-house, where 2 meters by 1.2-meter polyurethane foam blocks can be joined and split down into continuous foil faced polyurethane foam rolls at various lengths and thicknesses, made to order starting from just 1.5mm thick and then laminated with a foil covering. 

Our on-site state of the art machinery and conversion facilities also allows us to use these foil faced acoustic polyurethane foam rolls to cut down into parts such as gaskets, pads and strips allowing us to keep our lead times low, prices competitive, whilst producing high-quality products. 

Our laminating and adhesive service also means we can supply foiled faced acoustic polyurethane foam rolls with foil applied to both faces, or with a choice of self-adhesives.

What are Foil Faced Polyurethane Foam Rolls?

Foil-faced polyurethane foam is a combination of Class ‘O’ acoustic foam is an open-cell, lightweight foam covered in layers of aluminium foil, used for acoustic control, noise and vibration treatment and as thermal insulation material. When used as sound absorption panels or flooring, the material attenuates the sound waves, lowering their amplitude to reduce and control the noise whilst the captured energy from the sound waves is dissipated as heat. 

Class O acoustic foam is flame-retardant and meets UL-94 V-0 and  BS476 parts 6 & 7, it is Non-toxic, HCF & CFC Free doesn’t support fungal growth, is dust-free making it ideal for marine, building and construction, automotive, heating & Ventilation and manufacturing. During the conversion process, the acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls material can be laminated with an aluminium foil face which is also non-flammable and wear-resistant. 

Foil-faced acoustic foam can be manufactured and supplied as continuous lengths of material (a roll), usually at 10 meters long as standard, however, these can be made longer or shorter depending on the material thickness. We can use acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls to cut smaller parts such as gaskets, strips, pads and washers, or supply them as full rolls for customers to cut down use as and when parts are required.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Fire Resistance - BS 474: Part6: 1981 / BS 476: Part 7: 1971
    • Temperature Resistance: 90°C continuous
    • Effective airborne absorption for small cavities/enclosures
    • Easy to cut
    • Wipe clean surface
    • Foil Layer - tough, water/oil resistant to protect the insulation material
    • Enhanced noise reduction in marine/offshore installations

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Foil Faced Polyurethane Foam?

    Many customers use class O acoustic foam as a solution to sound, vibration and thermal insulating applications.  Acoustic foam materials and products can be found used in most industries including engineering, construction, automotive and HVAC to name a few.   

    Class O acoustic foam is primarily used for sound reduction by controlling the reverberation that sound makes when bouncing off the walls and flooring.  As well as the sound-absorbing properties, acoustic foam is used in many other applications as the material has high performance in fire protection and thermal insulation. 

    The addition of the foil facing adds additional thermal and insulation properties, as the aluminium foil reflects and isolates heat, whilst offering extra shielding against vibration and noise. The foil material is resistant to wear and tear and is often found used in plant machinery, hydraulic power pack enclosures, internal engine compartments and compressor housings.  

    Acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls can be manufactured in thicknesses of around 1.5 mm, and supplied with the foil on one or both faces, with foil on one face and self-adhesive on the other or laminated to other materials to create composites.

    Advantages of Using Foil Faced Polyurethane Foam

    Using foil-faced polyurethane foam offers a huge number of benefits and uses, with blocks of material and various roll thicknesses kept in stock ready for conversion.  Not only can rolls of materials offer additional soundproofing, they also act as sound and vibration absorption panels, and can help sound transmission loss. 

    These acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls of material and products cut from them can be used to create soundproof enclosures in which noisy machinery and equipment can be housed and also as linings within automotive and HVAC applications. As both the foil and the class ‘O’ foam are flame retardant, it is often one of the safest materials to use within building and construction for soundproofing underlay under flooring, combined with plasterboard on walls and ceilings, especially studios or home cinema rooms and even within engine rooms such as on marine vessels. 

    The foil offers resistance to moisture and oils, which is also easy to clean, it is lightweight, easy to apply foam odour free and can be recycled.

    Benefits of Using Foil Faced Polyurethane Foam

    • Acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls Can be used as floor, wall or ceiling linings for soundproofing enclosures and rooms
    • Reduces unwanted vibration, noise
    • Flame retardant
    • Acoustic foil faced polyurethane foam rolls Can also be supplied as foil-faced barrier sheets or with a self-adhesive backing on the other face
    • Sheets can be cut down into smaller parts such as pads, strips or even gaskets
    • Available in various thicknesses and weights
    • Doesn’t support mildew or fungal growth

    Different Grades

    We at ASG supply a variety of materials with acoustic properties, with Class O acoustic foam being the most popular where a combination of soundproofing and flame retardancy is required.  It is a lightweight and flexible material excellent for use as pipe lagging, duct lining and engine room/automotive insulation and much more.  Class O acoustic foam is available in various forms including:

    • Class O acoustic foam sheet
    • Convoluted egg box foam
    • Class O acoustic with barrier foam

    For help deciding which material you require, please give our sales team a call.

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