Solid Rubber Extrusion

Some applications require a very bespoke seal or gaskets, such as where there is a very awkward space or shaped product which requires sealing. 

Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a wide network of material manufacturers, enabling us to be able to supply a vast range of complex rubber extrusions made from different types and grades of rubber including solid commercial rubber.

Solid Rubber Extrusion Suppliers

Extruded formats are supplied from simple cylindrical cords to complex contoured parts, all designed to provide protection and prevent the leakage or ingress of air, fluid or gas.

With an extrusion, you have the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing finish when used as edge trims or buffers. 

All of our solid rubber extrusions are bespoke and made to order, produced using samples or CAD drawings as a guide. This allows for a ‘die’ to be made, and a sample is produced for approval which ensures the final product will be a perfect fit.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: black
    • Temperature: -20°C up to +70°C.
    • Density: 60-70 shore A
    • Resistances: water, oxidation, acids, alkali, gases
    • Offers good resistance to abrasion

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    Samples - Technical Solid Rubber Extrusion

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    What are Solid Rubber Extrusions?

    Solid Commercial Rubber (SBR / styrene-butadiene rubber) is an economy-grade material, black in colour which has a higher wear resistance compared to solid natural rubber and remains flexible even at low temperatures. SBR Rubber Extrusions can be made with the addition of different polymers mixed into the compound such as neoprene (NR/SBR), EPDM and Nitrile (NBR/SBR) which are intended to improve or add additional properties, and in a range of hardnesses of 60, 65 and 70 shore A.

    ‘Extrusion’ is the process of turning raw material into a specific shape using an extruder machine which works using high pressure and a die (a shaped tool). 

    This machine pushes raw compounds through the die to create the finished extruded rubber profile. This can be in continuous lengths, with a consistent cross-sectional shape as per the customer's design running throughout. 

    Extrusions can be made as a ‘solid’ shape such as cord, or ‘hollow’ where a hole (usually in the centre) runs through the entire length of the extrusion just leaving the outer wall.

    Some of the most commonly used extrusions are D-sections, P-sections, door seals, window seals, U-channels and cords.

    Why use Solid Commercial Rubber Extrusions?

    Extrusions made using commercial rubber are supplied at a low-cost and are general-purpose materials which have high tensile and impact strength properties. These extrusions are also resistant to abrasion and have high flexibility, even at low temperatures.   

    Solid commercial rubber sheets can be used within a temperature range of between 70℃ to -20℃ and have good resistance to water.

    However, SBR rubber isn’t suitable for applications involving chemicals, ozone, very strong acids, grease, fat oils and hydrocarbons

    There are countless different forms and profiles of extrusions which can be used in many applications whether that be sealing against air, gas or liquid.

    Extrusions will also act as great surface protection, cushioning against vibrations and rattles.

    Solid Commercial rubber extrusions are perfect for a number of applications where off-the-shelf seals and gaskets will not fit.

    They are also the quickest and simplest way to create lengths of identical products, even when manufactured in bulk.

    Benefits of Solid Commercial Rubber

    • Excellent resilience and tensile strength 
    • Excellent seal against air, water and diluted mixtures
    • Temperature: -20°C up to +70°C.
    • Abrasion resistance 
    • Excellent  impact strength

    Grades of Solid Commercial Rubber Extrusions

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with many materials which gives our customers more choice.

    Commercial rubber is not only available as an SBR grade, but also blended with other polymers to give a cheaper alternative, some of these blends include:

    CR/SBR (Neoprene)

    CR/SBR is manufactured using neoprene rubber and SBR compounds to create a material with properties of premium grade material at a reduced cost.

    This material is generally used for gap sealing and dust seals. Commercial grade neoprene offers resistance to oils, grease, dilute acids and alkalies and is hard-wearing enough to be used outdoors.

    NBR/SBR (Nitrile)

    NBR/SBR is manufactured using nitrile rubber and SBR compounds to create a material suitable for general purpose gasketing.  This commercial grade rubber offers resistance to fuels, petroleum, oils and many solvents making it suitable for use within a variety of industrial applications.


    EPDM/SBR rubber is another hybrid made up of 2 different compounds.  This particular grade of material offers good resistance to weathering and Ozone deterioration and provides properties such as high tensile strength and tear resistance.

    Commercial grade EPDM rubber is typically used for applications such as pipe seals, weather strips and dust seals.

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