Viton Pads

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we can supply pads manufactured from a variety of materials including special types such as Viton rubber, a high performance, durable synthetic material often used in applications requiring resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. 

Viton pads are produced on-site using drawings or measurements provided by our customers, with whom we work closely to ensure the final product is to their exact specification. Depending upon the size and quantity of pads required, one of many presses, bandsaws or CNC machines can be used to manufacture the final product, from one-off samples to multiple batches runs.

Viton pads can be supplied as loosely cut parts, or kiss-cut on rolls for small pads where a high quantity is required or for use on fast-paced assembly lines.  Pads are often taken for use with sealing against dust, air and moisture, gap-filling between uneven surfaces or for reducing unwanted noise and vibration. Viton pads can be produced in different grades, each with different levels of resistance, formulated for use in different applications and environments.

What are Viton Pads?

Pads are often used in the same way as a gasket, whereby they are used to create a seal between uneven surfaces and fill irregularities. Viton rubber is just one of many sold rubber materials on offer, from which we are able to produce pads. Viron rubber pads are cut from sheets in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 50mm, supplied as squares or rectangles with the option of radius corners, and also as circular or oval-shaped pads or ‘discs’. Due to its excellent resistance to many fuels, oils and acids and heat, Viton rubber pads are usually found used in the most demanding industries such as chemical processing and power generation.

Viton Pads

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black (blue or white in FDA grades)
    • Temperature Range:
      • -20ºc to +275ºc (type A)
      • -30°C up to +300°C (type B)
    • Thickness:  0.5mm - 50mm 
    • Shore Hardness:  
      • 75° ± 5° (type A)
      • 70° ± 5° (type B)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Help and guidance

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    Samples - Technical Viton Pads

    Samples can be submitted for testing upon request.

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    ASG takes great pride in producing high-quality pads from a wide range of materials such as EPDM, neoprene, PVC, cork, acoustic foam, solid rubber, polyethylene, polyurethane to name a few. Onsite production enables us to produce bespoke pads, within a minimal lead time whilst remaining cost-effective. Please get in touch with our team for further information on the many materials we offer.

    Why use Viton Pads?

    There are many reasons to use Viton pads, and it is often a go-to material for applications requiring a high-performance product to meet the demands that cannot be achieved using other polymers such as EPDM, Nitrile or Neoprene. 

    Viton pads can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20° to 275°C and can maintain their physical and mechanical properties without breaking down even when used with water, acids, petrol, chemicals and oil due to their excellent resistance. 

    Viton pads are a popular choice of material for use within the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and chemical industries - an FDA approved grade is also available for food and drink processing industries.

    Different Grades

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a network of material suppliers and manufacturers, meaning we can offer Viton rubber pads in additional grades, the most popular of which are detailed below:

    Viton Rubber-Type B - has very similar properties and resistances to Type A, but has a greater fluorine content, which gives it better resistance to fluids and sulfur dioxide, better flexibility after heat exposure and a temperature range of -30°C up to +300°C. Type B is generally used in the most demanding applications and industries such as chemical and power generation. 

    Viton FDA grades are available in blue or white options.  This grade is suitable for use for food or pharmaceutical production even at high temperatures.  FDA grade Viton rubber is extremely resistant to animal fats, oils, acids, chemicals and petroleum.

    For more information on the above or other available grades of Viton rubber, please give our sales team a call.

    Benefits of Viton Pads

    • Environmental resistance (Ozone, weathering, UV)
    • High Chemical Resistance
    • Weather Resistant  
    • Wide Temperature Range
    • Resistance to acid, oil and petroleum-based fluids
    • Withstand Challenging Environments

    Advantages of Using Viton Pads

    There are many advantages to using Viton rubber pads as the material is a high performance, versatile and durable, able to withstand high temperatures, is oil and chemical resistant  (even at high temperatures) and will not degrade as easily as other elastomers over time when in contact with chemicals and fluids such as oil, acids, ozone or UV.

    Other grades of Viton rubber are available to order for use in a range of specific industries, details of which can be made available upon request.  Viton rubber pads are available in a range of pre-manufactured thicknesses and the high resistance and durability of Viton rubber mean the pads are long-lasting and can be easily cut into the desired profile without the risk of tearing or stretching the material.  

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