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Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd manufacture and supply a diverse range of Tflex products.

Tflex is a soft gap filling interface pad composed of a silicone elastomer, boron nitride filler and reinforced with fibreglass.  Tflex is naturally tacky and so doesn’t require additional adhesives to be applied.  Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture a wide variety of products from Tflex including:

Tflex is a cost-effective gap filler thermal interface material with excellent thermal performance, it is used in applications such as cooling components, storage drives, heat pipes, engine control units and telecommunications.

Key Characteristics of Tflex:

  • Stable from -45ºC to 200ºC
  • Meets UL94 V0 rating
  • Naturally tacky on both sides
  • Thermal conductivity – 3 W/mk

Quality of our Tflex

The quality of service and the products manufactured from Tflex is controlled by our Quality Management System which his certified to ISO 9001.

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