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PVC Nitrile is a polymer blend of NBR and PVC which offers a material similar to Neoprene but with further improvements. We can supply our range of PVC Nitrile with pressure sensitive adhesive to one or multiple sides to allow for easy positioning and fixing.

Properties of PVC Nitrile

This blend of materials offers excellent oil and fluid resistance whilst possessing Non-Flammable properties and excellent resistance to weathering. PVC Nitrile is very flexible and can be applied to contoured parts and applications such as heating and ventilation systems.

Stock of PVC Nitrile

Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd can fully convert our huge stock range of PVC Nitrile in the fastest possible time using the very latest state of the art plant and machinery.

Quality control of PVC Nitrile and affiliated products

Our complete product range is manufactured using a highly skilled workforce, all under the full control of our Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001

A325 PVC Nitrile products

PVC Nitrile is accredited to Class O and provides an excellent solution for industries such as heating and ventilation for Acoustic and anti-rattle applications.

Help with PVC Nitrile

The formats and components detailed above are the most common that we currently produce from PVC Nitrile, variants of these products are available in PVC Nitrile and all the other materials within our current catalogue. Should PVC Nitrile or any other product or service be of interest to you or your company Please contact us on 01384 469100 or Email us to discuss your requirements.


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