Acrylic Scrim Adhesive Tape

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Acrylic Scrim Adhesive Tape

Not only are Advanced Seals & Gaskets able to convert and supply sponge, foam, rubber, cork and plastic products and materials, our onsite adhesive facilities also allow us to manufacture many types of adhesive tapes, one of which includes acrylic scrim adhesive.

Our rolls of adhesive tapes are usually manufactured in master logs of 1 meter wide by around 250 meters long, however, these can be re-wound and supplied at any roll length required or as with our rolls of rubber, sponge and foams, can also be log-cut into very small coils or strips of tape.

As we are a supplier and converter, we are able to give the customers a choice of buying materials or adhesive tapes separately, or we can use our on-site laminating service to coat materials and supply them with the self-adhesive backing.

Key Features:

  1. Scrim Reinforcement: The tape is equipped with a robust scrim backing, typically made of fiberglass or polyester, which enhances its tensile strength and tear resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  2. Acrylic Adhesive: The acrylic adhesive on one side of the tape offers strong and reliable adhesion to various surfaces, including metals, plastics, fabrics, and more, providing a secure bond.
  3. Versatility: Acrylic Scrim Adhesive Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications, including seam sealing, splicing, bundling, reinforcement, and repair tasks across industries.
  4. Clean Application: Designed for easy handling, the tape allows for precise positioning and bonding without the mess associated with traditional adhesives.
  5. Temperature Resistance: It maintains its adhesive properties over a broad temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.
  6. Durability: Resistant to moisture, UV exposure, and chemicals, this tape provides long-lasting bonding solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  7. Customization: Various thicknesses, widths, and roll lengths are available to accommodate specific project requirements. Custom formulations and die-cut shapes can be tailored to your needs.


  • Construction: Acrylic Scrim Adhesive Tape is widely used in the construction industry for reinforcing seams, sealing joints in insulation materials, and repairing tears and holes in roofing materials.
  • HVAC Systems: It is employed in HVAC applications for sealing and reinforcing ductwork, ensuring airtight and durable connections in heating and cooling systems.
  • Packaging: The packaging industry relies on this tape for carton reinforcement, bundling, and securing heavy loads during transit, ensuring the integrity of packages during shipping.
  • Manufacturing: Suitable for general assembly, bonding, and reinforcement tasks in manufacturing processes, including automotive, electronics, and appliances.
  • Seam Sealing: The tape is commonly used for seam sealing in applications such as tents, awnings, and outdoor gear, providing waterproof and durable bonds that withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour (release liner): Amber (yellow/gold) Clear (filmic)
    • Release Liner Weight: Glassine 80gsm
    • Glue: Acrylic
    • Temperature Range: -20ºC to 120ºC
    • Shelf Life: 12 months stored in ambient room temperature/conditions

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What is Acrylic Scrim Adhesive?

    Adhesive tapes consist of a release liner or paper, the glue and depending on type will also include a carrier. Acrylic Scrim adhesive tapes are constructed from an open-weave material creating a ladder or sometimes diamond patterned mesh, which is then used as a carrier to hold the adhesive (acrylic glue). This adhesive is then coated onto a release liner ready for use in bonding and laminating applications, with the scrim used in the adhesive providing reinforcement and preventing stretching of the material.

    Why use Acrylic Scrim Adhesive?

    Our Acrylic Scrim adhesive tapes are perfect use with sponge and foam applications as the acrylic glue provides a high level of adhesive, whilst the scrim or mesh carrier add dimensional stability making the adhesive or sponge/foam strip it is applied to strong, easier to work with and more conformable for use with uneven surfaces.

    The acrylic demonstrates excellent UV and weather resistance and high adhesion strength even when used with the scrim liner as the structure of the mesh allows for the adhesive to pass through.

    Benefits of using Acrylic Scrim Adhesive

    • Strong adhesive strength 
    • Robust 
    • Long Lasting
    • Stretch resistant and conformable 
    • Better performance properties
    • Formulated for use on cellular or uneven materials and surfaces

    Different Types of Adhesive Tapes available

    Advanced seals and Gaskets Ltd have an excellent supply chain and in-house adhesive tape manufacturing facilities meaning there is plenty of choice available, further details on the range are discussed below.

    Release liners a siliconised paper onto which the adhesive is coated, its purpose is to protect the glue/carrier during conversion, transportation and handling, then to finally release the glue onto the desired surface.  Release liners come in different weights, the choice of which is based upon your application and requirements such as tensile strength, flexibility, dimensional stability and its release properties.  Our range consists of white 80g, 120g and amber 80g, the 80g is more adaptable in curvature whereas the 120g is slightly more ridged with a firmer hold.

    Carriers on adhesive tapes differ based upon your desired application, our popular carriers include film, tissue paper, scrim.

    Mesh Scrim added extra support to adhesives allowing them to be more flexible and easier to bond uneven surfaces.

    Tissue tapes are manufactured using a non-woven tissue paper as the carrier, these are lightweight, conformable and provide more stability.  

    Filmic tapes usually clear or white, with a high adhesive coat weight ideal for bonding to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastics.  

    Transfer Tapes do not use a carrier, the adhesive is coated directly onto the release liner and ideal for use for high initial tack is required.

    The final layer on the adhesive tape is the adhesive or glue itself.  

    Hot melt adhesives are mostly made up of 100% solids based on thermoplastic polymer formulations. This means the adhesive is solid at room temperature and activated when heated above the softening level, this liquefies the adhesive ready for application then the adhesive will cool and solidify creating a strong lasting hold.  This makes hot melt adhesive ideal for bonded joins that can be thermally adjusted.

    Acrylic Adhesives are used in many industries such as transportation, metalwork, composites and sign manufacturing among others.  This is due to the minimal odour of the adhesive mixed with the fast curing rate that acrylic adhesive is known for. The acrylic adhesive has improved adhesion and resistance to impact when applied to plastics and metals.

    Perm Peel (low tack) adhesive is created with permanent adhesive on one side with a removable adhesive on the other side.  This is designed using a film carrier for strong and permanent adhesion to a material that needs to be temporally applied and removed for example transportation pads to protect glass, electrical appliances or display boards. 

    For more information please get in touch with our team. 

    The Advantages of using Acrylic Scrim Adhesive

    Using Acrylic Scrim adhesive holds many advantages, not only does the acrylic adhesive provide a strong bond, but the scrim liner allows for easier removal of the release liner, helps with creating a stronger adhesion when applied, strengthens the material is its applied to and prevents its from stretching or deforming and so offering good conformability to both flat or curved and uneven surfaces.

    Using acrylic scrim adhesives have become a popular alternative to using liquid glues and fastenings such as screws or weldings as they are quicker and cleaner to use.

    These tapes protect surfaces and materials from damage often caused by mechanical fixings and also a more time efficient method compared to liquid glues as there is no need to wait for them to dry.

    Bonds and Joins made using adhesive tapes are also more robust compared to screws or glue, therefore able to withstand impact without movement, vibration or expansion/contraction caused by temperature changes.

    Acrylic Scrim adhesives can be used to bond foam, fibres, felts and fabrics and provides high adhesion to medium and low surface energy materials and even painted metals, it is often used for bonding gaskets, automotive insulation, appliance assembly, etc.

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