Thermal Insulation Foam

Maximize energy efficiency with our thermal insulation foam products. These foams are designed to provide exceptional thermal resistance, minimizing heat loss or gain in various energy applications, from HVAC systems to industrial processes.

Acoustic Insulation Foam

Create quieter and more comfortable energy environments with our acoustic insulation foams. Whether for power generation facilities, renewable energy projects, or industrial installations, our foams effectively reduce sound transmission, enhancing overall acoustic performance.

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Vibration Damping Foam

Reduce vibrations and enhance the reliability of energy equipment with our vibration damping foam solutions. These foams are engineered to absorb and dissipate vibrations, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the smooth operation of machinery.

Sealing and Gasketing Foam

Achieve reliable sealing in energy applications with our specialized foam products. From power plants to renewable energy installations, our foams provide a secure and durable seal, protecting equipment from environmental elements, dust, and moisture.

Oil-Resistant Foam

Ensure the longevity of equipment in oil and gas applications with our oil-resistant foam solutions. These foams are designed to resist degradation when exposed to oils and hydrocarbons, contributing to the reliability of energy infrastructure.

Dielectric Foam

Protect electrical components in energy systems with our dielectric foam products. These foams provide electrical insulation, preventing the risk of electrical shock and ensuring the safety and reliability of energy-related equipment.

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Many of the products for the Energy Industry endure some of the most arduous conditions involving Weather, Ozone, Hot, Cold, Chemicals, Electricity, Corona discharge, and much more. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to offer help and assistance supported by material data sheets to aid with product and material selection.

Foam and Rubber for the Energy industry

Seals, Gaskets and all other associated rubber and plastic products need to withstand the elements with the minimum of degradation.

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd play a vital role in assisting with product and material selection using the vast wealth of experience built up over twenty years. We currently have a huge database of materials which is coupled with many years of Technical experience to allow us to carry out this function. Should you require a seal or Gasket for these types of applications please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.

Products for the Aerospace industry

  • Anti vibration
  • Noise reduction
  • Insulation form heat
  • Insulation from electricity
  • Insulation from cold
  • Anti squeal
  • Cable wraps
  • Grommets
  • Padding
  • Edge protection

We have worked with 1000's of companies since we started back in 1996 and offered invaluable help and assistance on some of the most prestigious projects throughout the world. We have built up an enviable level of expertise with over 250 years of combined experience made up from our Managing Director straight down to our shop floor personnel.

We currently own and occupy over 30,000 square feet of facilities split into the following distinct units:

  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Foam and sponge rubber Manufacturing suite
  • Hard substrates manufacturing suite
  • Stock and stock control
  • Dispatch
  • Dispatch storage

As of 2016, we have embarked on an extension and investment project that will extend our facilities further to help us meet the demand of our customers, 2016 will see a massive investment of over £750,000 (over 1 Million euro's) that also helps us celebrate our 20th year.