Table Saw Services

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd is equipped with a diverse range of cutting-edge machinery in our Table Saw section. These state-of-the-art machines are designed to handle various formats and are capable of swiftly and efficiently cutting virtually any material. With our advanced technology and skilled team, we ensure precise and high-speed cutting processes to meet our clients' diverse requirements.

Our Table Saw section includes:

  • Circular
  • Toothed Band knife
  • Hand fabrication saws
  • DBDE (Double Bevel Double Edge) table saws (foam saws)

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    What is a Table Saw?

    A table saw is a specialised cutting tool used for precisely cutting rubber and foam materials to specific shapes and dimensions. These materials can be typically challenging to cut with traditional tools and methods due to their soft and flexible nature, but a table saw provides a stable and efficient cutting solution.

    Table saws are commonly used for applications such as cutting gaskets, seals, insulation materials, cushioning pads, and other components used in various industries.

    Capabilities of a Table Saw

    • Clean and Precise Cuts: Table saws can deliver clean and precise cuts in foam and rubber materials, resulting in smooth edges and consistent dimensions.
    • Customizable Cutting Depths: The cutting depth of the table saw blade can be adjusted to suit the thickness of foam and rubber materials, allowing for flexibility in cutting various thicknesses.
    • Reduced Heat Generation: Table saws used for foam and rubber cutting are typically operated at lower speeds to minimize heat generation during cutting. This helps prevent melting and distortion of the materials.
    • Material Support: To ensure stability and prevent material deformation, table saws designed for foam and rubber cutting often feature specialized material supports or hold-downs.
    • Non-Stick Blade Coating: Some table saw blades used for foam and rubber cutting may have a non-stick coating or special teeth design to reduce the likelihood of the material sticking to the blade during cutting.
    • Minimal Material Waste: Precise cuts and efficient material usage help minimize waste when using a table saw to cut foam and rubber, contributing to cost-effectiveness.
    • Safety Features: Modern table saws are equipped with safety features such as blade guards and anti-kickback devices to enhance operator safety during the cutting process.
    • Versatility in Material Types: Table saws designed for foam and rubber cutting can often handle a variety of foam types (e.g., open-cell, closed-cell) and different rubber materials, making them suitable for various applications.
    • Ease of Operation: Table saws provide a user-friendly cutting experience for foam and rubber materials, allowing operators to achieve accurate cuts with relative ease.
    • Suitable for Complex Shapes: With the use of appropriate jigs and fixtures, table saws can cut intricate shapes and designs in foam and rubber, making them ideal for custom applications.

    Advantages of using a Table Saw?

    Table saws offer an effective and efficient cutting solution and are widely used within the rubber and foam industry to produce a high-quality finished product. They offer many advantages to customers such as their speed, precision and efficiency when cutting custom shapes and sizes. This ensures a precise and clean fit for very specific applications while keeping lead times to a minimum.

    Benefits of using a Table Saw?

    Table saws offers a range of benefits including their precision, versatility and speed.  Table saws are capable of high-speed cutting, enabling quick production of rubber and foam parts in large quantities. Table saws also facilitate the creation of custom shapes, an essential requirement for producing components tailored to our customers specific specifications. In addition, table saws ensure consistency, this enables us to guarantee the dimensions and shapes of the rubber and foam products we create.

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