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Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are proud to offer an immense selection of self adhesive tapes for both industrial and domestic applications, that can be professionally applied to our extensive range our materials in single-sided or double- sided formats, available as reels, spools, master logs, sheets and bespoke cut pieces.

Our speciality, high-performance tapes have been carefully selected from leading manufacturers to ensure customers have a vast variety available to perfectly match their requirement and application.  Across the range, you’ll find a choice of carriers/liners, adhesive strengths, bonding abilities and price points, with tapes suitable for different conditions or application techniques.

Material Grades

We are able to convert most of our material grades into self adhesive sheets, rolls, tapes, gaskets and pads with the ability to apply tape to one or more sides of the product. Standard material groups include:

The above material groups expand further to include grades such as Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Natural Sponge, Viton and many more.

A Selection of the most popular Adhesive Types

Hot melt Scrim or Tissue

Is a high bond strength adhesive supplied as a tissue or re-enforced with a polyester scrim mesh. Suitable for various applications, including areas where contact adhesive glue has been previously used.

Acrylic transfer

A popular tape used mainly used on foam products due to its high tack and excellent bonding properties. It is a popular choice for products used within the automotive, building & construction and domestic appliance industries.

Solvent acrylic tissue or Scrim

A High performance solvent acrylic tissue tape with a release paper liner. High tack double-sided tape, works easily with textured and flexible surfaces.

Modified acrylic

Additives help to enhance performance for overall foam bonding and adhesion.  These adhesives are especially designed for products made for noise and vibration management in automotive, appliances, building and construction.

Looking for something stronger?

Acrylic Polypropylene – High-Tack

An extremely high tack, double coated polypropylene tape designed specifically for bonding to low density synthetic foams


A double coated polypropylene tape designed specifically for bonding to low density synthetic foams.  This tape has a thick tissue carrier and very high coat weight of adhesive that delivers an extremely high tack.

Temporary Tapes

Protection film

Protection Film is a low tack tape that protects materials and surfaces against dust, dirt and scratches during transport, manufacture or fitting.  Its low tack adhesive allows easy removal without leaving behind adhesive residue.


A clear double sided tape which has a permanent adhesive on one side and a peel-able adhesive on the other which leaves no residue when removed.  Popular with store owners and point of sale businesses where temporary signs/posters are displayed.

Single or Double sided?

Single sided foam tape

Single sided foam tapes provide solutions to almost every industry for applications, the products are easy to use and versatile, uses include: air/dust sealing, gap filling, surface protection and cushioning.

Double sided foam tape

Double sided foam tapes are for bonding of both rigid and semi rigid materials and can be supplied with standard or acrylic adhesive systems. Our range of tapes will suit almost any application, including: Sign Mounting & Construction, Badge & Trim Mounting, Gasket Production.

Adhesive Tape 

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets we offer a vast range of self-adhesive tape much of which we manufacture in-house using our state of the art hot melt adhesive coating machine.  These adhesives can be purchased in full rolls, slit coils cut to width or laminated to any of our sponge, rubber, cork, plastic or foam products.    Our tapes come in many variations including acrylic, ladder scrim, diamond scrim, hi-tack and low tack, each designed to suit the end users individual application.  From holding insulation seals permanently in situe to temporary signage, we have a solution for you.  

What Is Adhesive Tape?

Adhesive tape comprises a layer of glue (adhesive) coated onto a release paper or liner, with the option of a carrier, the choice of adhesive and carrier used will depend upon the application.  

We offer a wide array of carriers on our adhesive tapes such as ladder scrim, diamond scrim, tissue or a film.  There is also the option of a transfer tape where the adhesive is coated directly onto the release paper without using a carrier. ASG make adhesive tapes with a choice of film, white 80g, 120g and amber 80g release papers all of which can be coated with one of many adhesives in our extensive range including hot melt, acrylic, hi-tack and perm peel. The composition of layers you require will depend the strength of adhesion required, our sales team can help you decide which will work best for your needs.   

Why Use Adhesive Tape?

Our transfer tape is highly effective for laminating two materials together sealing, mounting or generally attaching items to a surface.  Adhesive tapes have become a popular alternative to using liquid glues and fastenings such as screws or weldings as they are quicker and cleaner to use.   These tapes protect surfaces and materials from damaged often caused by mechanical fixings and also a more time efficient method compared to liquid glues as there is no need to wait for them to dry.  Bonds and Joins made using adhesive tapes are also more robust compared to screws or glue, therefore able to withstand impact without movement, vibration or expansion/contraction caused by temperature changes.

There are many uses for adhesive tapes, each type has it’s own unique properties to suit the environment, material, surface and product shape, for example, a low tack perm-peel tape is designed for temporary use such as glass transportation or displays/signage, it will hold an item in place or provide protection, and once it is no longer required can be easily peeled away leaving no residue behind. A hi-tack or acrylic transfer tape is more suited for more long term bonding or where there will be more movement such as within the automotive, construction and engineering industries, etc

Different Grades

Advanced seals and Gaskets have an excellent supply chain and in-house adhesive tape manufacturing facilities meaning there is plenty of choice available, further details on the range as discussed below.

Firstly release liners, this is the silicone coated paper onto which the adhesive is coated, its purpose is to protect the glue/carrier during conversion, transportation and handling, then to finally release the glue onto the desired surface.  Release liners come in different weights, the choice of which is based upon your application and requirements such as tensile strength, flexibility, dimensional stability and its release properties.  Our range consists of white 80g, 120g and amber 80g, the 80g is more adaptable in curvature whereas the 120g is slightly more ridged with a firmer hold.

The carrier on adhesive tapes differ based upon your desired application, our popular carriers include film, tissue paper, scrims such as diamond and ladder and transfer (no carrier).  Mesh Scrim added extra support to adhesives allowing them to be more flexible and easier to bond uneven surfaces.  Tissue tapes are manufactured using a non-woven tissue paper as the carrier, these are lightweight, conformable and provide more stability.  Filmic tapes are usually clear or white, with a high adhesive coat weight ideal for bonding to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastics.  Transfer Tapes do not use a carrier, the adhesive is coated directly onto the release liner and ideal for use for high initial tack is required.

The final layer on the adhesive tape is the adhesive itself.  Hot melt adhesive are mostly made up of 100% solids based on thermoplastic polymer formulations. This means the adhesive is a solid at room temperature and activated when heated above the softening level, this liquefies the adhesive ready for application then the adhesive will cool and solidify creating a strong lasting hold.  This makes hot melt adhesive ideal for bonded joins that can be thermally adjusted.

Acrylic Adhesives are used in many industries such as transportation, metal work, composites and sign manufacturing among others.  This is due to the minimal odor of the adhesive mixed with the fast curing rate that acrylic adhesive is known for. Acrylic adhesive has improved adhesion and resistance to impact when applied to plastics and metals.

Perm Peel (low tack) adhesive is created with permanent adhesive on one side with a removable adhesive on the other side.  This is designed using a film carrier for a strong and permanent adhesion to a material that needs to be temporally applied and removed for example transportation pads to protect glass, electrical appliances or display boards. 

For more information please get in touch with our team.  

Benefits of Adhesive Tape

Ease of application

Extensive range for application

Variety of strengths

Custom fit for purpose

Low cost

Structural strength

The Advantages of Using Adhesive Tape

Advantages to using adhesive tape in general include cost and time savings, cleanliness and ease of use   hot melt adhesive give you time to make slight adjustments to create an excellent fit, then cools to create a permanent hold. This can also be thermally adjusted if needed. Acrylic tape provides great environmental resistance coupled with a faster setting time then some other adhesives.

Adhesive tapes are used in many industries such as automotive, rail, healthcare, renewable energy, aerospace and medical. This is due to the diverse nature of adhesive tapes. Adhesive tapes can be used in an unlimited number of ways for an unnumbered amount of application.

What Are The Key Characteristics of Adhesive Tape?

Colour: Amber, White, **green**

Weight: 80-120G

Adhesives: Acrylic, Hot Melt, Perm Peel

Need help and guidance with Technical Self Adhesive Tapes?

We also have the technical expertise to offer advice and guidance of the best material and adhesive to suit your needs.

Full technical data can be supplied upon request to further help with selection at the design and prototype stage or when better or more cost effective alternatives are required.

Samples can be submitted for testing upon request. Call now for sample requests or further help.

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