Perm Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Perm Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Perm Peel Tapes are made up of a combination of adhesives, a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable 'peelable' adhesive on the other. The permanent adhesive will firmly fix to uncoated materials, whereas the removable side is designed for use as a temporary surface application or for easy re-re-positioning without leaving any residues. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture a wide variety of products with Perm-Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tape including:

  • Sheet
  • Rolls
  • Strip
  • Coils
  • Gaskets
  • Pads

Most of the above products can be manufactured using a range of our solid, sponge, PVC and polyethylene products, with either single of double sided self-adhesive backing. Perm-Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tape products can be found widely used in applications including Paper or card to plastic or glass for removal later on, attaching membership or bank cards to letters, attaching removable items or offers to brochures and magazines and temporary window displays, etc.

Key Characteristics of Perm-Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tape:

  • Attachment of a variety of materials
  • Easily removable tape - with no residues when removed
  • Easy repositioning or gaskets or displays
  • Low tack double sided tape

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Anthracite
    • Density: <90KG/M³
    • Fire Propagation Index: <12
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 100ºC
    • Thickness: 1mm – 100mm (can be laminated for greater thickness)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Perm Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tapes ?

    Permanently peelable acrylic adhesive tapes, often referred to as "perm peel" tapes, are a type of adhesive tape that combines a permanent acrylic adhesive with a peelable characteristic. These tapes are designed for applications where a strong bond is needed, but where it should also be possible to remove the tape without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the surface. Here are the key characteristics and applications of permanently peelable acrylic adhesive tapes:

    Key Characteristics:

    Permanent Acrylic Adhesive: Permanently peelable acrylic tapes have a permanent acrylic adhesive on one side, which provides a strong and durable bond to various surfaces. This adhesive is designed to adhere securely to the substrate.

    Peelable Property: The other side of the tape is designed to allow for peelability. This means that the tape can be removed without leaving a sticky residue or causing damage to the surface. The adhesive on this side of the tape has a lower level of adhesion, making it possible to peel the tape off easily.

    Clean Removal: The peelable characteristic of these tapes ensures a clean removal process. When the tape is peeled off, it does not leave behind adhesive residue, making it suitable for applications where maintaining a clean surface is important.

    Advantages of Using Perm Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tapes

    Permanently peelable acrylic adhesive tapes are used in a variety of applications, including:

    Posters and Signage: These tapes are commonly used for mounting posters and signs. The strong bond ensures that the material stays in place, and the peelable property allows for easy removal without damaging the surface or leaving residue.

    Exhibitions and Events: In trade shows and exhibitions, these tapes are used for temporarily securing displays, banners, and graphics. They can be removed after the event without harming the surfaces.

    Retail Displays: Permanently peelable tapes are used in retail environments to mount promotional materials and signage. They allow for easy and residue-free removal when displays need to be changed.

    Temporary Fixtures: In both residential and commercial settings, these tapes can be used to mount temporary fixtures, such as decorations, frames, or lightweight shelving, without causing surface damage.


    Why use Perm Peel Acrylic Adhesive Tapes

    Permanently peelable acrylic adhesive tapes offer specific advantages that make them suitable for various applications. Here are the key reasons why you might choose to use permanently peelable acrylic adhesive tapes:

    1. Strong Bond: These tapes provide a strong and reliable bond to a wide range of surfaces, ensuring that the materials or objects stay securely in place during use. The permanent acrylic adhesive is designed to create a durable connection.
    2. Clean Removal: The peelable property of these tapes allows for easy, clean removal without leaving behind any sticky residue. This is particularly valuable when you need to change or replace materials or objects without damaging the surface or substrate.
    3. Surface Protection: The clean removal feature also means that these tapes help protect surfaces. Whether it's paint, wallpaper, glass, or other delicate finishes, using permanently peelable tapes minimizes the risk of surface damage during removal.
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