Vessel Comfort and Safety

Marine Seat Cushions

Experience comfort on the water with our specially designed marine seat cushions. Our foam products provide superior shock absorption and durability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for passengers and crew.

Cabin and Berth Mattresses

Ensure a restful night's sleep with our marine cabin and berth mattresses. Our foam solutions offer optimal support, comfort, and durability for marine living spaces.

Deck Flooring Foam

Enhance safety on decks with our deck flooring foam. Designed for slip resistance and comfort, our foam products provide a secure surface for crew and passengers, even in challenging marine conditions.

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Buoyancy and Flotation

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Buoyancy Foam Blocks

Optimize buoyancy and stability with our marine-grade buoyancy foam blocks. These precision-engineered blocks provide reliable flotation for various marine structures, vessels, and equipment.

Life Vest Inserts

Prioritize safety at sea with our life vest inserts. Our foam products are designed to provide buoyancy and support, ensuring the effectiveness of life-saving equipment in emergency situations.

Floatation Collars

Enhance the stability of marine structures with our floatation collars. These foam solutions provide additional buoyancy, contributing to the safety and performance of vessels and offshore platforms.

Insulation and Sealing

Marine Insulation Foam

Optimize thermal management in marine environments with our insulation foam. Our products provide effective insulation for vessels and offshore structures, ensuring energy efficiency and crew comfort.

Hatch Sealing Foam Gaskets

Create watertight seals for hatches and doors with our specialized foam gaskets. Our seals are designed to prevent water intrusion, contributing to the safety and integrity of marine structures.

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Anti-Vibration and Noise Control

Grey Large Acoustic Foam Pyramid Panels Scaled

Marine Engine Mounts

Minimize vibrations and noise in marine engines with our anti-vibration mounts. These foam products provide stability and support, ensuring smooth and quiet operation of marine propulsion systems.

Noise Control Foam Panels

Create quieter and more comfortable marine environments with our noise control foam panels. These panels effectively reduce sound transmission, enhancing the overall acoustic performance of marine interiors.



Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd is able to supply a varied array of products to the Marine Industry, from simple window seals designed to withstand the elements such as salt, ozone etc. We can also supply Mouldings and Extrusions which are often used for bump protection along with various other products for acoustic and vibration control within the Marine environment.

Marine Hatch Seals

All of the products manufactured for the Marine industry by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are made bespoke to suit the customer's application, To aid this process we offer full technical support and guidance on material selection to ensure the best life expectancy possible within the marine environment.

We have a huge catalogue of materials to choose from, we select the best and most suitable for the expected conditions whether this is salt or fresh water Marine environments.