Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we produce 1000’s of washers from a variety of materials including specialist types for extreme and demanding environments. Our washers are produced on-site using drawings or measurements provided by our customers, with whom we work closely to ensure the final product is to their exact specification. Depending upon the size and quantity of washers required, one of many presses or CNC machines can be used to manufacture the final product, from one-off samples to multiple batches runs. Washers are a popular product as many industries require them for sealing against dust, air and moisture, gap-filling between uneven surfaces or for reducing unwanted noise and vibration. Our washers can be produced plain or with a choice of finishes including foils, self-adhesives or laminated to other materials, depending on the size and quantity of the gasket, they can be supplied as loosely packed parts or kiss-cut on rolls.


What are Washers? 

Washers are a flat ring with an outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) measurement, cut from a sheet of material which is placed between two surfaces creating a level surface, acting as a spacer/seal or between a nut/bolt to spread the pressure when tightened. Washers are widely recognised in the metal type, however can also be manufactured in a range of materials including sponge, rubber, foam, plastic and cork to name a few, with each material having its own set of properties and level of suitability for individual applications and environments.  


Why use Washers? 

Washers are a flat, circular-shaped piece of material with a hole in the centre, usually used alongside threaded bolts, screws and other fasteners.  Washers are often used as a type of seal, where they can create air/liquid-tight seals in pipework, but surprisingly serve a number of purposes which include load distribution, to reduce the stress on the materials into which fasteners are driven and therefore reducing damage. Washers are also used as spacers to allow a better fit of fasteners, for example where the fastener is too long, washers can be used to create padding and fill the gap ensuring the fastener doesn’t go too deep. Finally, washers can be designed to absorb vibration, especially when used to connect objects with hard surfaces and a lot of movement.



Advanced seals & Gaskets can offer a range of washers and the ability to produce washers suitable for use in virtually any industry. We also manufacture all washers in-house meaning we can help with designing, material/adhesive choice, produce samples for testing and ensure we supply the perfect gasket for your application. Some of the characteristics and resistances often sought when choosing the right material for gasket production include flexibility, compression, flame retardancy, wide working temperature range, resistance to chemicals, acids, pressure, liquids, air and gas. Washers serve a number of purposes, prevent leaks, cushioning, insulation against vibration. They ensure industrial safety in challenging environments where there are chemicals, electricity and high temperatures present and also maintain hygiene in medical and food/drink applications.