Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we offer a vast catalogue of sheet materials from a multitude of material manufacturers and suppliers, including specialist varieties used in applications requiring resistance to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals or for use with electrical equipment.  Our sheets can be supplied in a range of material types including sponges, foams, plastics, cork and rubber, in a whole host of grades, densities and thicknesses. Our standard sheet sizes are 2metrers x 1meter or 1meter x 1meter in size, however as we carry out all our conversion on-site, we can cut these down to smaller sheets or join sheets together to create larger ones, our cutting facilities also allow us to split sheets direct from blocks or cut them down from rolls. Many of the sheets supplied by ASG  can be supplied either plain or laminated with one of our many self-adhesives, foils or with other materials to create composite sheets. 


What are Sheets?

Sheets are pieces of material supplied in a specific size, ours are usually 2metrers x 1meter or 1meter x 1meter in size as they are split from block or cut from rolls, but this can vary for some material types that are manufactured in sheet form of specific sizes. Sheet thicknesses also vary between materials, many foams and sponges are split from blocks so available from 1mm up to around 50mm, but these can be laminated to achieve thicknesses greater than this, other materials such as plastics, films and rubber are supplied in a full range pre-manufactured thicknesses.


Why use Sheets

Sheets are popular as they give the customer and end-user the flexibility to be able to cut their own strips/gaskets/washers out as and when they are required. Products cut from sheets are often taken for use with sealing against dust, air and moisture, gap-filling between uneven surfaces or for reducing unwanted noise and vibration. ASG can produce sheets in various material types and grades, each with different levels of resistance, formulated for use in different applications and environments. Many industries make use of sheets, these include automotive, medical, packaging, electrical, HVAC, aerospace and construction, to name a few.


Benefits of Using Sheets

Advanced seals & Gaskets work with a network of material suppliers and manufacturers, meaning we have the ability to supply sheets suitable for use in virtually any industry. We cut and convert all our sheets in-house, meaning we can help you with your material and adhesive choice, produce samples for testing and ensure we supply the perfect sheet for your application. Some of the characteristics and resistances often sought when choosing the right sheet material include flexibility, compression, flame retardancy, wide working temperature range, resistance to chemicals, acids, pressure, liquids, air and gas. Sheeting material serves a number of purposes, preventing leaks and loss of pressure, cushioning, insulation against noise and vibration, ensuring industrial safety in challenging environments where there are chemicals, electricity and high temperatures present and also maintaining hygiene in medical and food/drink applications.