Solid Rubber Sheets

Solid Rubber Sheet

ASG stock and supply a whole host of non-metallic materials in sheet form, some are split down from the block, others are manufactured in sheet or roll form. Our solid rubber materials are manufactured in continuous rolls, in a range of standard thicknesses, which we hold in stock ready to be cut down into a number of products including sheets, usually in standard 2meter x 1meter or 1meter x 1meter sizes, but as we carry out all our own conversions in-house, we can supply sheets at sizes other than these. Our onsite laminating service allows us to laminate solid rubber with a choice of foils and self -adhesive tapes, as well as with layers of other materials to create composite sheets.

What is a Solid Rubber Sheet?

Solid rubber has most of the same properties as its sponge and foam versions, but without the cushion and bounce, offering a more durable and resistant material. Solid rubber sheets are available in a range of types each with its own set of characteristics, properties and resistances to suit different exposures and environments. Solid rubber is often taken in sheet form giving customers the flexibility to convert them into a range of usable products as required or in roll form from which they can cut their own sheets in a size of their choice.

Why use Solid Rubber Sheets?

Solid rubber sheets are available in a range of material types, grades, thicknesses and hardnesses, each with its own desirable properties for use in different applications and industries. Using solid rubber components can create a tight, leak-proof seal that will remain unaffected when under the impact. Solid rubber sheets, depending on the material type used can have qualities such as good resistance to chemicals, UV, ozone/weathering, oils, acids and salts. Different grades of solid rubber have various working temperature ranges and have abrasion and tear-resistant properties. Solid rubber is a popular material choice for outdoor sealing applications and for sealing components within the automotive industry such as window/door seals, pumps, hydraulics and flanges.

Different Grades

Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a wide network of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice when looking for sold rubber, our most popular grades include:

Neoprene (CR) is one of our most popular solid rubber materials, with various thicknesses held in stock. Neoprene is suitable for use where there is exposure to grease, oil, acids, ozone and even seawater.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) another very popular solid rubber is great for use in outdoor applications. This material is resistant to water, UV, ozone, weather, abrasion, alkalines, ketones and diluted acids.  

Nitrile (NBR) rubber is a popular solid material for use within the automotive industry where there is contact with petroleum, oil and grease.  

SBR (Styrene-butadiene rubber) is a cost-effective, commercial-grade, general-purpose rubber with good abrasion resistance, tensile strength and low compression set. (not sure use with petrol and chemicals).

Silicone (SI) is an excellent electrical insulation material that can operate at high and low temperatures. Silicone rubber performs well when exposed to UV, weathering, ozone and moisture, and is available in a range of colours.

Viton rubber materials are manufactured for more demanding applications where there are harsh chemicals and high temperatures present.  Viton rubber offers resistance to fluids, oils, acids and petroleum-based liquids.

For samples, datasheets or to discuss your sheet needs further, please give a member of our sales team a call.

Benefits of Solid Rubber Sheets

The type of solid rubber sheet used will depend on the industry, environment and application it is going to be used in and what it will be exposed to. Depending on the material used, some of the benefits offered by solid rubber include:

  • Popular for internal, external, marine & automotive sealing  applications
  • Can be used with high or low  temperatures and with harsh chemicals
  • Variety of grades, colours, hardnesses available
  • Impermeable to water, dust, air and gases
  • Resistance to oils, petroleum fluids, acids, ketones,  chemicals,  greases and fats.
  • excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and ageing