Passenger Seating

Rail Seat Cushions

Prioritize passenger comfort with our specially designed rail seat cushions. Our foam products provide superior shock absorption, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers during train journeys.

Headrest and Armrest Foam

Enhance the overall passenger experience with our headrest and armrest foam solutions. These foam components are crafted for comfort and support, contributing to a relaxed and enjoyable travel environment.

Customizable Seat Inserts

Optimize seating configurations with our customizable seat inserts. These precision-cut foam inserts provide ergonomic support and can be tailored to fit various seat designs, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for passengers.

2 Elizabeth Line Tube Seats

Interior Components

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Panel and Trim Foam Inserts

Enhance the aesthetics and comfort of rail interiors with our panel and trim foam inserts. These custom-cut foam solutions add a layer of refinement and contribute to the overall ambiance of rail cabins.

Flooring Underlay Foam

Minimize noise and vibration in rail cabins with our flooring underlay foam. These foam products provide effective sound insulation and vibration dampening, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for passengers.

Ceiling and Wall Insulation Foam

Optimize thermal management in rail cabins with our ceiling and wall insulation foam. These foams provide effective insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and passenger comfort.

Crash Energy Management (CEM) Foam

Enhance passenger safety with our crash energy management foam. Engineered to absorb and dissipate impact energy, these foams contribute to the overall safety performance of rail vehicles in the event of a collision.

Fire-Retardant Foam Components

Prioritize passenger safety with our fire-retardant foam components. These specialized foams meet stringent safety standards, providing an additional layer of protection in the event of a fire.

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Foam and Rubber for the Rail Industry

We have at our disposal a huge range of Non-Metallic materials, from which we can manufacture Gaskets, Seals, Strips, Sheeting, Anti-Rattle, Anti-Vibration, Insulation, Sound absorption etc. Our specialist materials are sourced from around the globe and are selected for their specific attributes and quality levels; this ensures the finished products are fit for purpose whilst being tailored to a specific application or environment.

Considerations such as LS0H (low smoke zero halogens) and fire retardant levels are often key when carrying out product selection. Many of the materials that we convert are attributed with global certification for quality and performance such as the UL-94 standard.