Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we offer a range of high-quality gaskets, using a multitude of different materials. As our gaskets are produced in-house on state of the art machinery, we can manufacture bespoke items to match our customer’s samples/drawings, from a simple rectangular picture frame gasket to a more complex shape with cut-outs – we can offer a solution. Whether it’s a small sample batch or a multi-thousand run, we have a machine to quickly and accurately produce perfectly formed gaskets in a range of sizes, these include a number of presses, CNC and kiss-cut machines. Our gaskets can be produced plain or with a choice of finishes including foils, self-adhesives or laminated to other materials, depending on the size and quantity of the gasket, they can be supplied as loosely packed parts or kiss-cut on rolls.


What are Gaskets? 

Gaskets sometimes come in the form of a strip or pad but are generally an intricately cut shaped piece of material placed between two surfaces to create a low-pressure seal preventing the leakage of liquids or gas and to seal against the intrusion of dust and debris when under compression.  Gaskets can be manufactured in a range of materials including rubber, foam, plastic and cork to name a few, with each material having its own set of properties and level of suitability for individual applications and environments.


Why use Gaskets?

Gaskets are used to fill gaps and irregularities between 2 surfaces and to provide a solution to unwanted rattles, noise, vibrations, to seal against air, gas, dust and liquids, and can also be used to cushion between moving parts to reduce friction and damage to components and equipment. In order for a gasket to work effectively, it needs to compress and fill the entire space to create a pressure/airtight protective seal. Gaskets are an important part found in many applications and industries such as electrical equipment, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, chemical industries and food/drink/pharmaceutical processing industries.  



Advanced seals & Gaskets work with a network of material suppliers and manufacturers, meaning we have the ability to produce gaskets suitable for use in virtually any industry. We also manufacture all gaskets in-house meaning we can help with designing, material/adhesive choice, produce samples for testing and ensure we supply the perfect gasket for your application. Some of the characteristics and resistances often sought when choosing the right material for gasket production include flexibility, compression, flame retardancy, wide working temperature range, resistance to chemicals, acids, pressure, liquids, air and gas. Gaskets serve a number of purposes, prevent leaks and loss of pressure, cushioning, insulation against noise and vibration, ensuring industrial safety in challenging environments where there are chemicals, electricity and high temperatures present and also maintaining hygiene in medical and food/drink applications.