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Here at Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd, we employ state-of-the-art horizontal splitters, adhering to the most stringent engineering specifications and incorporating cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to delivering consistent and uninterrupted product thickness and top-notch quality sets us apart in the industry.

The splitters we utilize boast full CNC control, enhanced with laser sensing technology, ensuring precise setting and monitoring of product runs. This advanced system guarantees impeccable product dimensions. In addition, our highly skilled operatives meticulously oversee the machine's performance during the entire product conversion process, ensuring optimal results.

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    Technical CNC Splitter Services

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    What are Splitters?

    The primary purpose of splitters in the foam and rubber industry is to convert large, bulk materials into thinner, more manageable layers that can be further processed into various products and components. These split materials are then used in applications such as gaskets, seals, cushioning pads, insulation, and other products across industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.

    To maintain the utmost accuracy, we employ fully calibrated measure and test equipment during the production process. This meticulous approach ensures the highest standards of product thickness ranging from 1mm to over 1000mm (1Metre).

    Capabilities of Splitters

    • Cutting Mechanism: Splitters employ a cutting mechanism that typically consists of a sharp blade or cutting wire. This blade or wire moves through the material to divide it into thinner layers.
    • Horizontal Configuration: Most splitters used in the foam and rubber industry are horizontally oriented. The material to be cut is fed horizontally through the machine, allowing for easier manipulation and control during the cutting process.
    • CNC Control and Laser Sensing: Advanced splitters may be equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) technology, which allows for precise and automated control of the cutting process. Laser sensing technology helps ensure accuracy and consistency in setting and maintaining product thickness.
    • Manual Monitoring: While CNC control enhances precision, skilled operatives are often involved in setting up the machine and manually monitoring its performance during the cutting process to ensure optimal results.
    • Automatic Blade Sharpening and Positioning: Some splitters have features for automatic blade sharpening and positioning. This ensures that the blade remains sharp and correctly aligned, minimizing interruptions during production runs.
    • Thickness Range: Splitters used in the foam and rubber industry can handle a wide range of thicknesses, from thin sheets (typically starting around 1mm) to thicker blocks (sometimes exceeding 1000mm or 1 meter).
    • Quality Cut: Splitters provide a quality cut, resulting in clean edges and minimal material waste, which is crucial in industries where precision and material efficiency are vital.


    Benefits of using Splitters?

    Splitters provide precision thickness control, ensuring versatility and accuracy in the finished product. Additionally, they offer a high level of material efficiency, resulting in less waste, cost savings, and an increase in sustainability, as well as providing clean, smooth cuts without the need for additional finishing.

    Our range of horizontal splitters incorporate automatic blade sharpening coupled with automatic blade positioning which ensures uninterrupted manufacture to the highest possible specifications. 

    Advantages of using Splitters?

    The use of splitters streamlines the production process, reduces material waste, and ensures consistent product thickness and quality, making them valuable tools in the foam and rubber industry. Overall, the advantages of using splitters contribute to improved productivity, cost-effectiveness, and product quality.

    By combining precision cutting with material efficiency and automation, splitters play a crucial role in enhancing the manufacturing processes in this industry.

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