Rubber Extrusion

Rubber Extrusion Supplier 

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd supply a vast and complex range of sponge and rubber extrusions in many formats from simple cylindrical cords to complex contoured parts, all designed to provide protection, prevent the leakage or ingress of air, fluid or gas and to be aesthetically pleasing as edge trims or buffers.

All our extrusions are made to order and are produced using samples or drawings provided by customers, from which a tool or ‘die’ is made, a sample produced for approval which ensures the final product perfectly fits the application.

What are Extrusions?

‘Extrusion’ is the process of turning raw material such as sponge or rubber into a specific shape using an extruder machine that works using high pressure and a die (a shaped tool).

This machine pushes raw material through the die creating the finished extruded rubber profile, in continuous lengths, with a consistent cross-sectional shape as per the customer’s design running throughout.

Extrusions can be made as a ‘solid’ shape such as a cord, or ‘hollow’ where a hole, usually in the centre runs through the entire length of the extrusion just leaving the outer wall. Some of the most commonly used extrusions are D-sections, P-sections, door seals, window seals, U-channels and cords, many of which can be supplied with a self-adhesive finish.

Why use Extrusions?

There are many different forms and profiles of extrusions that can be found used in many applications for sealing against air, gas and liquid, cushioning against vibrations & rattles and as surface protection.

Extrusions are perfect for applications where off-the-shelf seals and gaskets will not fit.

Extrusions are also the quickest and simplest way to create lengths of identical products even when manufactured in bulk.

Extrusions are an important part found in many industries such as electrical automotive, aerospace, building & construction and food/drink/pharmaceutical processing industries.


Advanced seals & Gaskets work with a network of material suppliers, meaning we have the ability to produce extrusions suitable for use in virtually any industry.

As extrusions are generally made to order, we can help with designing, material/adhesive choice, produce samples for testing and ensure we supply the perfect extrusion for your application.

Some of the characteristics and resistances often sought when choosing the right material for gasket production include flexibility, compression, flame retardancy, wide working temperature range, resistance to chemicals, acids, pressure, liquids, air and gas.

Extrusions serve a number of purposes, prevent leaks and loss of pressure, cushioning, surface protection, insulation against noise and vibration, ensuring industrial safety in challenging environments where there are chemicals, electricity and high temperatures present and also maintaining hygiene in medical and food/drink applications.