Foam Inserts for Custom Packaging

Ensure a perfect fit for your products with our custom foam inserts. These precision-cut inserts provide secure housing, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Die-Cut Foam Packaging

Optimize the packaging process with our die-cut foam solutions. These precisely cut foam pieces offer efficient and secure protection for a wide range of products, streamlining the packing and unpacking process.

Foam Rolls and Sheets

Provide versatile protection with our foam rolls and sheets. These foam products are easily customizable to wrap and protect items of various shapes and sizes, offering a reliable cushion against impacts and vibrations.

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Anti-Static Foam Packaging

Protect sensitive electronic components during shipping with our anti-static foam packaging. These foams provide a controlled environment, preventing electrostatic discharge and ensuring the safety of delicate electronics.

Vibration-Dampening Foam Packaging

Minimize the impact of vibrations during transit with our vibration-dampening foam packaging. These foams absorb and dissipate vibrations, safeguarding fragile items and delicate equipment from potential damage

Moisture-Resistant Foam Packaging

Guard against moisture and environmental elements with our moisture-resistant foam packaging. These foams provide a protective barrier, preventing damage caused by water, humidity, and other external factors.

Recyclable Foam Packaging

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with our recyclable foam packaging. These environmentally friendly foam products offer effective protection while minimizing the impact on the planet.

Biodegradable Foam Packaging

Embrace eco-conscious choices with our biodegradable foam packaging. These foams break down naturally over time, offering a sustainable solution for your packaging needs.




The protection and packing of goods during transportation and storage is a vital but often overlooked field of expertise.

Packaging is more often than not disposed of and therefore needs to cost as little as possible whilst also being effective in its duty.


Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd brings many years of expertise and globally sourced materials together to manufacture bespoke quality products which are not only fit for purpose but are very cost effective. We are also able to supply bespoke manufactured case and box inserts which are designed to keep your most valuable possessions safe and secure.

Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd is also considerate of the environment and therefore offer some products that are fully recyclable and are themselves actually made from recycled products such as Re-constituted foam (chip foam).

Our wealth of experience and the vast range of materials allow us to offer unparalleled levels of service coupled with "best in the business" lead times.