Fibre Jointing

Fibre Sheeting supplied by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd comes in various grades to suit a particular application or environment.

Different types of Fibre Sheeting

We supply various different types of fibre products in sheeting format including the following which are available in a range of thicknesses:

  • Vulcanised fibre Sheeting
  • Leatheroid Sheeting
  • Presspahn Sheeting
  • Paper Sheeting
  • SRBP Sheeting
  • SRBF Sheeting
  • Non asbestos fibre Sheeting

The materials listed above have many different properties and offer resistance to Oils, Chemicals, Fuels, temperature, Ozone and much more. Material specification sheets are available via our corporate intranet page which can be accessed at

Self adhesive or Plain Fibre Sheeting

Many of the above sheeting grades can be supplied in either plain or self adhesive backed format and cut to specific sizes if required. We are also able to further convert this range of materials into the other products within our current catalogue.

Help with Fibre Sheeting selection

If you would like to speak to a representative to discuss your specific application or requirements please call our sales office direct on 01384 469100, alternatively you can send an E-mail. Simply click on the link and forward us your details along with your question and we will contact you immediately.