Cork Washers 

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we offer a range of high-quality washers, some of which are produced using different grades of cork including natural or cork bonded with neoprene, Nitrile and synthetic rubber. Our washers are manufactured in-house using a combination of a skilled workforce and high spec machinery in practically any size and quantity, with a plain or self-adhesive finish to one or both faces and in a choice of individually cut parts or kiss-cut in roll for quick and easy application. Cork washers are based on either samples, dimensions or drawings provided by our customers which would detail the Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) and thickness. Cork washers are often used by customers within automotive, construction, manufacturing, engineering and fuel industries as the material is oil, fuel, hydrocarbon and weather resistant.

What are Cork Washers? 

Washers are a flattened ‘ring’ of material that is placed between 2 surfaces to reduce friction and prevent unsteadiness, it creates a smooth, level surface for nuts/bolts to rest on or for a better fit for nuts/bolts and, can be used as an air/watertight seal. Natural Cork gasket material consists of compressed cork grains with no other added chemicals other than a liquid binder known as ‘agglomeration’ to adhere the particles together. Bonded cork material is also manufactured using cork grains but is mixed with rubber granules (namely neoprene, nitrile or synthetic rubber) which gives it greater flexibility and added properties for use in different applications and environments. Cork material is flexible, lightweight, waterproof and practical, found in a vast range of applications including outdoor furniture and lighting, engineering and automotive. 

Why use Cork Washers? 

Cork washers can be manufactured using natural cork or Neoprene, Nitrile and Synthetic Bonded Cork. Cork washers have many desirable qualities mainly thermal insulation, noise and vibration absorption properties, and sealing against air, oil and chemical leaks. Cork washers are used in many engineering industries where they are used underneath compressors and heavy plant machinery to control and reduce noise and vibration. Cork is chemically inert, resistant to fungus and mould growth, flame retardant, anti-static, flexible and durable. Cork material is easy to work with, it is an easy material to cut to shape, it holds adhesive well, and due to its flexible nature cork gaskets fit and adhere to most surfaces.

Different Grades

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd can offer different grades of cork washers for use within various industries each with its own unique characteristics, depending upon the material with which it is blended.  

Natural Cork –  a combination of grains of cork and a liquid binder.  Natural Cork is relatively cheap compared to sponge and rubber and can be used as air/dust/water seals, in thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-vibration applications.

Resin-bonded cork –  a lightweight, flexible cork, produced using cork granules bound together using a synthetic resin. This grade of cork is resilient to certain acids and is often used in water retaining applications.

Nitrile bonded cork – manufactured using a combination of cork and nitrile rubber granules, giving a speckled appearance. Washers made from this material can be used where oil and fuel resistance is required, or where high-temperature resistance is required, industries include automotive and general engineering.

Neoprene bonded cork – Neoprene bonded cork is a combination of cork and neoprene rubber granules, bound together. This grade has the same speckled appearance as the Nitrile Bonded cork, but with different properties, with the addition of the Neoprene rubber, the cork is suited to sealing at higher temperatures and resistant to weathering and oil.  Neoprene Bonded Cork gaskets are suited to oil, engineering, electrical, anti-vibration and soundproofing applications.

Benefits of Cork Washers

  • Sound Suppression & Anti-vibration
  • Thermal Properties
  • Bonded with Other Materials Based on Application
  • Oils Resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Flexible

The Advantages of Cork Washers 

The various grades of cork come with countless advantages and properties that are ideal for many industries. Not only is cork aesthetically appealing, but it is also non-toxic, water-resistant, resistant to mould and damp, extremely fireproof and has excellent sound, vibration and thermal properties. Cork washers can be supplied in specifically cut shapes sizes, split down or laminated together to produce non-standard thicknesses, laminated to other materials for added properties. Cork washers can be easily produced using one of our many presses, kiss-cut machines and even our oscillating knife for larger/thicker washers.