Natural Cork Washers

Natural Cork Washers

Natural Cork Washers

ASG actively stocks, supplies, and converts various cork materials, including natural cork, available in standard thicknesses as sheets or rolls. These materials can be transformed into various products, such as washers, with options for plain or self-adhesive finishes and lamination with other materials.

Our on-site production of cork washers is a precise process. We rely on drawings or measurements from our customers, specifying the outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), and thickness to ensure the final product aligns with their exact requirements.

Depending on washer size and quantity, we employ a range of presses, kiss cut machines, or CNC machines for production, accommodating one-off samples or large batch runs efficiently. This adaptability ensures we meet diverse customer needs.

What are Natural Cork Washers?

Natural Cork, formed by compressing cork grains with a liquid binder, is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to sponge and rubber. It serves various purposes, from coasters to seals, insulation, acoustics, and anti-vibration solutions.

Washers, which act as flattened 'rings,' provide crucial support between surfaces, reducing friction and ensuring stability. They create a smooth, level surface for nuts and bolts or improve fittings.

Cork washers are crafted from stock sheets or rolls in-house, offering flexibility in finish, such as plain or self-adhesive backed options. Moreover, they can be laminated with other materials to produce unique variations for specialized applications.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics of Natural Cork Washers

    Natural cork washers, characterized by their natural color, lightweight, and flexibility, excel in sealing applications due to their impermeability to liquids and gases, ensuring resilience against moisture and decay.

    Additionally, natural cork proves valuable in thermal, acoustic, and vibration insulation, safeguarding against temperature fluctuations, chemicals, and odors.

    Cork washers can be customized for specific sizes, laminated for non-standard thickness, or combined with other materials for enhanced properties, making them suitable for prototyping and various applications. To learn more about the advantages of cork washers, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Comprehensive technical data is available upon request or can be conveniently downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Natural Cork Washers?

    Natural cork washers find widespread application in various industries, thanks to their exceptional qualities. They are lightweight, resilient to high pressure, and highly tear-resistant. In many cases, they offer a cost-effective alternative to sponge and rubber gaskets.

    Their mechanical strength is remarkable, with a working temperature range spanning from -80°C to 140°C. Natural cork washers excel in sealing applications, both for water and gas, even in outdoor settings.

    Moreover, their chemical inertness and odor resistance make them ideal for multiple purposes. They serve as effective thermal, sound, and vibration insulators, frequently finding use in the automotive industry, heavy plant machinery, pumps, and compressors.

    In these applications, they reduce noise, vibrations, and friction while serving as air, dust, and water seals, showcasing their versatility and suitability across industries.

    Benefits of Natural Cork Washers

    • Sound Suppression
    • Thermal Properties
    • Bonded with other materials based on application
    • Anti-Vibration
    • Resistance to weathering
    • Easy to cut/convert
    • Non-toxic and safe to work with
    • Resistant to mould growth
    • Aesthetically more appealing than some rubber alternatives

    Different Grades of Cork Available

    Along with natural cork, there are other different grades of cork used to produce washers, each with its own unique characteristics, depending upon the material it is blended.  Grades of cork include Neoprene Bonded, Nitrile Bonded and Resin Bonded

    Neoprene bonded cork is suited to sealing at higher temperatures and resistant to weathering and oil.  Neoprene Bonded cork is suited to oil, engineering, electrical, anti-vibration and soundproofing applications.

    Resin-bonded cork – a lightweight, flexible cork, produced using cork granules bound together using a synthetic resin.  This grade of cork is resilient to certain acids and is often used in water retaining applications.

    Nitrile bonded cork – manufactured using a combination of cork and nitrile rubber granules, giving a speckled appearance.  Gaskets made from this material can be used where oil and fuel resistance is required, or where high-temperature resistance is required, industries include automotive and general engineering.

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