Cork Washers

Cork Washers

Cork Washers

Advanced Seals & Gaskets produces a variety of washers, including the popular Anti-Vibration cork type, with our newly renovated facilities allowing us to manufacture thousands of gaskets daily. Our skilled workforce and advanced machinery, such as the oscillating knife or presses, enable us to efficiently produce cork washers to precise customer specifications regarding size, thickness, and quantity. We can work with samples, drawings, or dimensions provided by customers, detailing the Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID), and Thickness. Our washers are available in plain, self-adhesive, or foil-faced finishes, as individual cut parts or kiss-cut on a roll, ensuring quality and cost savings.

What are Anti-Vibration Cork Washers?

A 'washer' serves as a flattened ring of material inserted between two surfaces to reduce friction and eliminate unsteadiness. This creates a level surface for various fixings like nuts and bolts, enhancing their fit and enabling them to function as effective water or air tight seals. Anti-vibration cork washers, known for their high compressibility, are well-suited for applications with low to medium bolt pressure. They offer excellent durability and flexibility.

While all cork materials can provide insulation against vibration, cork bonded with synthetic rubber materials such as EPDM, neoprene, Nitrile, or SBR enhances the natural cork's flexibility and imparts resistance to oils, petrol, acids, and higher temperatures.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: natural with a black speckled effect 
    • Bonded Material Types: Nitrile, EPDM, SBR or Neoprene
    • Resistances: Oils, Sound Suppression, Water Resistance
    • Temperature Range: varies between grade
    • Thickness: 0.8mm – 25mm Thick ( can be laminated for greater thickness )

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Anti-Vibration Cork Washers?

    Anti-vibration cork washers provide versatile solutions, encompassing sound absorption, sealing against oil, air, or chemical leaks, and safeguarding moving machinery parts from abrasive damage.

    These washers find extensive application in heavy industrial machinery, railway production, automotive, industrial refrigeration, generators, and acoustic suspension buildings. Their primary role is to dampen or eliminate noise and vibrations generated by large machinery. Without anti-vibration cork gaskets, these vibrations can potentially harm building foundations, endanger users' hearing, and cause damage to the machinery, leading to further safety concerns.

    The Advantages of Using Anti-Vibration Cork Washers

    Utilizing anti-vibration cork as a gasket material offers numerous advantages, including noise and vibration control, thermal insulation, resistance to water absorption and mold growth, and inherent flame retardancy.

    These cork washers play a crucial role in reducing noise and vibration generated by heavy machinery and equipment. The excessive vibration caused by such machinery not only damages surrounding foundations but also poses safety hazards for workers and leads to noise-related hearing impairment.

    Cork is a safe material to work with, as it is non-toxic and doesn't shed particles like some foams and fibrous materials, making it suitable for individuals with allergies.


    Benefits of Anti-Vibration Cork Washers

    • Sound Suppression
    • Thermal Properties
    • Bonded with other materials for use with different applications
    • Oils, chemical, fuel & acid resistance (varies between grades of cork)
    • Vibration dampening 
    • Durable with abrasion and friction resistance

    Different Grades of Cork Washer Available

    Active voice: Manufacturers can craft washers from various cork materials, each offering vibration-damping benefits. When they combine these materials with rubber, they obtain additional properties:

    - Neoprene bonded cork excels in sealing at high temperatures and resists weathering and oil. It finds applications in oil, engineering, electrical, anti-vibration, and soundproofing.

    - Resin-bonded cork is a lightweight and flexible material made by binding cork granules with synthetic resin. It exhibits resilience to certain acids and is commonly used in water-retaining applications.
    - Nitrile bonded cork, characterized by a speckled appearance, results from a combination of cork and nitrile rubber granules. It is suitable for applications requiring oil and fuel resistance or high-temperature resistance, such as in the automotive and general engineering industries.

    - Natural Cork consists of cork grains bound together by a liquid binder called 'agglomeration.' It is an economical choice for applications like coasters, air/dust/water seals, thermal insulation, acoustic solutions, and anti-vibration components.
    - Synthetic Cork (SBR) combines synthetic rubber granules with natural cork, creating a highly compressible material ideal for low to medium bolt pressure applications. The rubber enhances flexibility, resilience, and resistance to oil and fuel. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial gaskets and for noise and vibration reduction in construction or plant rooms.

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