Alveo Polyethylene Foam

Alveo Polyethylene Foam

One of the most popular material types available from Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd is Polyethylene, available in numerous grades, densities and colours.  One such type is Expanded Cross Linked Closed Cell Polyethylene, which is also sold under the trade names Alveolit® or Alveo (alveo polyethylene foam).   

This physically cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam is produced in densities of 33kg, 67kg and 100kg in continuous roll lengths in thicknesses between 2mm to 10mm, however, greater thicknesses can be manufactured in sheet form.  As we offer an in-house conversion and lamination service, we are able to not only cut down the rolls into sheets or shorter lengths, but we can also laminate layers together to create greater depths or even split the material down to create thinner materials (however these will not have the skin finish on both faces. 

We can also convert alveo polyethene foam rolls and sheets into products including washers, gaskets, strips and pads, laminated with a choice of foils or self-adhesives.

What is Alveo Polyethylene Foam?

Alveo is a physically crosslinked, closed-cell polyolefin (a family of polyethylene and polypropylene thermoplastics) foam produced in continuous sheets in a three-stage process: extrusion, crosslinking, and vertical foaming produced by the process of polymerisation of ethylene and propylene using oil and natural gas.

Alveo polyethylene foam is manufactured in a range of densities, in black (anthracite) or white colour options and with the advantage of being easily split or laminated in order for us to offer non-standard thicknesses.

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black (anthracite) or white
    • Cell Structure: Closed Cell
    • Available Densities:  33kg, 67kg and 100kg
    • Available Thicknesses:  2mm to 10mm (skin on both sides)  can be split or laminated to create non-standard options
    • Temperature Range: -60 to +90
    • Resistances: most chemicals, ozone, UV, mildew and bacterial growth

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Alveo Polyethylene Foam?

    Alevo polyethylene foam is manufactured with a fine regular close cell structure that is soft and flexible, with skin on both faces. 

    It is manufactured in a range of standard thicknesses, but can easily be split or laminated to create non-standard thickness, and converted into a range of products including gaskets, washers, strips and pads.  

    Alveo polyethylene foam offers low water absorption, excellent vapour permeability with good chemical, ozone and UV resistance.   

    It’s an odourless material, offering a wide operating temperature range which can also be manufactured and supplied in a flame retardant grade.

    Advantages of using Alveo Polyethylene Foam

    Using Alveo polyethylene foam offers countless advantages, the material is highly durable and resistant, inert to many chemicals, weather-resistant and has excellent insulation properties and a wide operating temperature range. 

    These qualities make Alveo highly desirable in a variety of applications such as flooring, padding, and protection and cushioning with automotive, construction, manufacturing and flooring industries. 

    Alevo polyethylene foam is manufactured in continuous rolls, in a range of roll widths and thicknesses, however, the material can often be found used in a range of converted parts such as various seals, gaskets, weather strips, anti-vibration pads and used in roll or sheet form for sound and thermal insulation.

    Benefits of using Alveo Polyethylene Foam

    • Closed-cell and cross-linked structure makes the material impermeable to air and water 
    • Good temperature resistance.
    • Lightweight and durable.
    • Odourless
    • Inert to many chemicals
    • Good weather resistance

    Different Grades of Polyethylene Available

    Having a network of manufacturers and suppliers, allows ASG to offer a full range of polyethylene materials, many of which are readily available from stock for a quick turnaround.  Below is just a selection of some of our popular polyethylene material types we can offer:

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