BS2751 Solid Rubber

BS2751 Solid Rubber

One of the many rubber materials offered by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd includes a range of solid nitrile rubber (NBR) types, including standard, insertion and the high specification grade BS2751. As with most solid rubber materials, this is manufactured in roll form usually at 1.4mtrs wide x 10mtrs long for thicknesses up to 8mm and 5 meters long for thicknesses above this.

Most thicknesses are also available in sheet form, alternatively, we can convert the rolls in a house in order to supply a range of products including cut sheets, gasket, washers, pads and strips. BS2751 rubber is often taken in roll form as they give customers and end-users the flexibility to not only cover large surface areas but also to be able to cut their own parts as and when they are required.

What is BS2751?

BS2751 one of many grades of Nitrile rubber.  Compared to standard nitrile, this high specification synthetic material offers higher elongation at break, tensile strength and resistance to temperatures.

Nitrile rubber is sometimes also referred to as Nitrile butadiene, Buna-N, Perbunan or NBR rubber, which is a synthetic rubber produced from a copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. 

Nitrile rubber can be purchased as pre-cut parts or as a full roll of material and are ideal for the production of parts used where oil resistance is required including fuel hoses, automotive seals, gaskets and even rollers within the printing industry. 

Material Enquiry

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black
    • Shore Hardness: available in a range from  40°- 90°.
    • Temperature: -30°C up to +110°C (varies between shore hardness)
    • Manufactured in accordance with British Standard 2751
    • Fair Resistances: Alkali, Ozone & Weathering 
    • Good Resistances: petroleum, lubricating oils, acids, oxidation, water, grease and solvents

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use BS2751?

    Solid nitrile rubber was originally formulated for use within aerospace and defence industries, therefore has many excellent properties, and is available in different shore hardnesses and grades each suited to different industries.

    Nitrile rubber is excellent for creating air, gas, dust and watertight seals, with good tensile strength, anti-abrasion properties and resistance to petrol, mineral & vegetable oils and some acids and alkalis with a working temperature range of -30°C to +110℃. 

    Nitrile rubber is recognised by its resistance to ‘swell’ when exposed to oils and fuel, therefore holding its sealing capabilities making it a popular choice for automotive belting, hoses, o-rings, and oil seals within engines, hydraulics and flanges.

    Benefits of Using BS2752

    • Improved elongation at break and tensile strength
    • Manufactured to comply with British Standard 2751
    • Offers good resistance to petroleum, oils, acids and water
    • Available in a range of hardnesses and thicknesses
    • Popular for automotive applications
    • Abrasion and tear-resistant

    Different Types of BS2751 Available

    Shore Hardness: 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80° and 90°. - BS2751 rubber  can be produced in different grades, and range of hardnesses  from  40°- 90° shore (the shore hardness is measured using a shore durometer which indicates  the level of resistance to indentation, the higher number on the scale indicate a greater resistance - harder the material/lower number indicate less resistance- softer the material) 

    Choice of finishes: Cloth on one or both faces which gives the material a textured finish, often preferred for use as non-slip pads or feet, whereas plate finish offers a smooth surface sheeting that is ideal for a variety of applications, such as gaskets and waterproof seals.

    Insertion: BS2751 insertion rubber is manufactured to the same specification as standard BS2751 but is produced with a mesh/fabric reinforcement layer running through the centre which is referred to as the ‘insertion’ which is used to prevent the material from stretching, therefore increasing its wear and tear resistance.

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