Cattle Matting Rubber Matting

Alongside a vast range of standard sponge, foam, plastic and solid rubber materials, ASG also offers a number of heavy-duty rubber matting products (such as cattle matting rubber matting) in various grades, sometimes also called floor matting, each with characteristics suited for different applications.

One type of matting we can offer is Cattle Rubber Matting or Cow Mats, which can be supplied in sheet or continuous roll form, with either a straight edge or interlocking edges for larger area installation. 

Our in-house conversion and cutting services allow customers the option of taking the rolls and sheets in their complete form or to be cut down to size to a specific shape or size for even quicker and easier installation.

What is Cattle Matting Rubber Matting?

Cattle matting rubber matting is a heavy-duty variant of rubber floor matting, specifically designed for use with cattle, horses and other livestock. Cattle matting rubber matting is manufactured with a patterned/textured non-slip surface in a cobble effect on top and then the underside has recesses or channels to allow for waste and water drainage.  

Cattle Matting Rubber Matting

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black
    • Material Compound: NR/SBR
    • Hardness: 65°
    • Temperature Range: -20°C - +70°C
    • Features: straight or interlocking edge options

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    Samples - Technical Cattle Matting Rubber Matting

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    Why use Cattle Matting Rubber Matting?

    Cattle matting rubber matting is designed to be non-slip even when wet reducing the risk of injury, the mats offer anti-fatigue properties, comfort and protection from cold floors to livestock when they’re walking or laying on them. 

    The design of the matting means it is non-porous and doesn't allow the absorption of moisture or bacteria, it has an easy to clean surface and hollow patterned underside allowing for easy cleaning and drainage to create a more hygienic environment for the animals.

    Benefits of Using Cattle Rubber Matting

    Using cattle matting rubber matting provides a range of benefits some of which include:

    • Reduced injury from slips and falls
    • Saves time on cleaning
    • Creates more hygienic living areas
    • Improves health and comfort of livestock
    • Provides insulation from cold floors
    • Non-porous so will not absorb odours or moisture

    Advantages of using Cattle Matting

    Cattle matting rubber matting has been designed and developed primarily for use with cattle and larger livestock. They are manufactured in sheet or roll form with the choice of straight or interlocking edges for ease of installation even in large areas.  

    Cattle matting rubber matting offers a range of advantages to the animals including being easy to clean so as to provide a cleaner more hygienic environment, they have a non-slip surface and provide cushioning and shock absorption which reduces injury to the animals when they are moving around or getting up/laying down. 

    The material acts as an insulation layer protecting the livestock from the cold floor and reduces the need for additional bedding materials which would hold waste and bacteria unlike the cattle matting rubber matting itself. 

    Using these mats offers a number of benefits to the farmers or livestock owners as they save time on cleaning, save money on bedding and vet bills and in some cases achieve higher milk/meat yields as the animals are comfier in their environment.

    Types of Matting Available

    Anti-fatigue matting is designed as a non-slip floor covering for use at workstations or production lines where individuals would be standing for long periods of time, where the composition of the mats reduces stress on muscles and joints. 

    Broad (wide) Ribbed Rubber matting – is used for commercial and industrial applications offering an anti-slip, anti-fatigue, floor to foot insulation that is easy to clean.

    Checker plate matting is recognised by their multi-direction pattern, they are a general-purpose non-slip material usually used in walkways and dog kennels. **NOT recommended for use on ramps or any areas where slipping may occur or in areas that horses or cattle stand/walk**

    Circular pattern matting is another general-purpose matting material that can be used in a range of general-purpose applications including walkways and catering.  This matting is non-toxic, oil and grease resistant.

    Electrical matting is used for insulation, stopping or reducing electrical currents – therefore minimising the risk of electric shocks occurring.  This material has a fine fluted, non-slip surface used in areas where live electrical equipment is present such as control and switchboard rooms.

    Fine fluted rubber matting has a ribbed surface, offering a non-slip and anti-fatigue floor covering with good insulation and anti-vibration properties. These mats can be found used on walkways, but also cut down and used on workstation surfaces to provide a non-slip worktop.

    Pyramid matting is utilised in the catering industry and on walkways, they offer an easy to clean, non-slip surface even when wet with anti-fatigue and insulation properties.

    Studded rubber matting is used to create non-slip floors and work surfaces in many wet and dry applications and environments.

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