Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam

Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam

ASG stock and supply a large array of Polyurethane foam materials, in a number of grades. One of which includes acoustic convoluted egg box polyurethane foam. Also sometimes called egg box foam or egg crate foam.  Egg box foam is usually manufactured in block form, and then split to thickness. As sheets, recognisable by their convoluted surface consisting of peaks and troughs, available in several different thicknesses. (measured from base to tip of the peak), and usually supplied in pairs, especially when they’re being used for packaging purposes.  Convoluted is usually available in thicknesses from 25mm to 50mm thick, but can be made to order at bespoke sizes.  

Acoustic eggbox foam can be supplied as sheets or cut into pads or tiles as they are sometimes called for acoustic purposes or for packaging non-uniform shaped, valuable items.  Egg box foam parts can be produced onsite using our specialist in-house conversion facilities. Where they can also be laminated to other materials to produce composite sheets, or covered with one of our many foils or self-adhesives.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    Colour: grey (anthracite)

    Sheet size: 2.3 meters x 2 meters

    Flammability: Class ‘O’, UL94 HF-1

    Density: 32Kg/m3

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What is Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam?

    Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane foam is an open-cell polyurethane product, manufactured to create a surface consisting of continuous peaks and troughs and containing flame retardant additives which creates a class ‘O’ non-flammable material with excellent sound-absorbing properties. 

    Acoustic egg box foam has been specially designed for sound absorption whereby the convoluted finish creates an increased surface area and therefore reduces echo and reverberation inside enclosures and studios. 

    Egg box foam is also often used for the packaging and transportation of valuable non-uniform shaped items as the convoluted surfaced inter-lock, improving stability and reduces movement.

    Why use Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam?

    Acoustic convoluted egg box polyurethane foam is a very popular product used for both packaging, usually in the form of case inserts, and for sound control in rooms such as cinemas, music studios or machinery enclosures. 

    Egg box foam is a very soft material which can be easily cut and will hold adhesives well so that they can be used to adhere to walls and ceilings, it also offers class ‘O’ flammability performance meaning it is safe to use within buildings and automotive applications.

    Benefits of using Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam

    1. Odourless
    2. Non-toxic, HCF & CFC and Dust Free
    3. Suitable for packaging and acoustic applications
    4. Durable and easy to cut
    5. Shock and abrasive resistant 
    6. Doesn’t support mildew or fungal growth

    Different Grades

    We at ASG supply a variety of materials with  acoustic properties, with Class O acoustic foam being the most popular where a combination of sound proofing and flame retardancy is required.  It is a lightweight and flexible material excellent for use as  pipe lagging, duct lining and engine room/automotive insulation and much more.  Class O acoustic foam is available in various forms including:

    • Class O acoustic foam sheet
    • Convoluted egg box foam
    • Foil faced class O acoustic foam
    • Class O acoustic with barrier foam

    Advantages of using Acoustic Convoluted Egg Box Polyurethane Foam

    Acoustic convoluted egg box polyurethane foam offers a number of benefits and uses.  It’s an open cell, soft flexible foam made with flame retardant additives, meaning it complies with UL94 HF1 standards.  Acoustic egg box PU foam offers excellent sound absorbing qualities as the textured surface profile creates a larger surface area, which disperses waves more efficiently than a flat surfaced acoustic sheet. 

    Our egg box foams can also be used as packaging or case inserts for securely transporting odd shapes or delicate items which are securely sandwiched between 2 layers of the convoluted foam, offering cushioning, abrasion resistance and impact protection. 

    Applications which utilise acoustic convoluted egg box polyurethane foam include HVAC systems, enclosures for machinery, compressors or generators, acoustic panels for sound insulation and within automotive and marine.  Acoustic convoluted egg box foam is easy to cut using scissors, knives or press tools.

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