Electrical Rubber Matting

Electrical Rubber Matting

ASG stocks and supplies an extensive range of high-quality solid rubber materials, one of which includes a number of rubber matting products in various grades and finishes, sometimes also called floor matting or safety matting, each manufactured with characteristics suited for use in different applications. 

One type of matting we can offer is a selection of electrical rubber matting or Electrical Safety Matting is usually manufactured as continuous rolls but can be cut down and supplied as pre-measured sheets or ‘mats’. 

Even though this material is stocked in standard roll and sheet sizes, our in-house conversion services allow customers the option of taking the mats in their complete form or cut down into a specific shape or size for easier installation.

What is Electrical Rubber Matting?

Rubber Matting can be used as floor coverings to serve a number of purposes such as to create a non-slip and easy to clean surface or as floor protection.   

The rubber itself is known for its electrical insulating properties as it reduces or stops electric currents therefore Electrical Rubber Matting is used in high voltage environments such as plant rooms, switchboards or where live electrical equipment is being handled to protect workers from electrical shocks. 

Electrical Rubber Matting is manufactured with a fine ribbed or fluted textured surface which makes it non-slip for extra safety when standing or walking on.

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

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    Why use Electrical Rubber Matting?

    Electrical Rubber Matting has been designed for use in areas where high voltage and live equipment is presently creating a risk of electric shock. 

    Electrical or Switchboard matting is manufactured using rubber, which does not allow the flow of electricity (acting as an electrical insulator), it provides underfoot comfort, a non-slip surface and is available in different grades for different levels of voltage protection. 

    Electrical rubber matting can be used where there is a risk of electrical shocks such as near switchboards, plant rooms, live equipment or machine and lift control gear, etc

    Benefits of Using Electrical Rubber Matting

    • Electrical insulator
    • Protection from live electrical and faulty equipment
    • Non-slip textured surface
    • Available in a range of classes
    • Disperses electrical discharge - reducing the risk of electric shock
    • Manufactured to meet safety standards

    Advantages of Using Electrical Rubber Matting

    Rubber is an excellent electrical insulator, meaning it can reduce or stop electrical currents, therefore protecting workers from electric shocks.  Electrical Matting is available in a range of classes and thicknesses dependent upon the level of voltage involved.

    The fine fluted textured pattern creates a non-slip surface which further disperses discharge with a cloth impression underside to give the matting additional grip. 

    Electrical Rubber Matting can be supplied in standard-sized rolls, sheets or ‘mats’ cut to size and even bespoke shaped mats and pads to fit into awkward spaces.

    Available Types of Electrical Matting

    450V matting - fully certified and tested to 11,000 volts with a recommended safe working voltage of 450 volts.  

    BS921 - 650V - Safety matting fully tested to specification BS921:1976, tested to 15,000 volts with a recommended safe working voltage of 650 volts.

    ASTM D178 - Health & Safety regulated matting in a choice of strengths: 7500V @ 4.5mm, 17,500V @ 6.5mm, 26,000V @ 9.5mm and 36,000V @12.7mm. 

    IEC 61111:2009 - Health & Safety regulated electrical matting, meets international safety standards covering from 1000V to 36,000V, and is available in thicknesses of 3mm to 6mm.

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