EPDM Sponge Rubber (Medium Grade)

EPDM medium grade neoprene sponge rubber

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd provides a diverse range of EPDM materials available in various densities, grades, and fabricated into different products. One of our most sought-after EPDM sponge types is the Medium Density EPDM sponge rubber.

EPDM sponge rubber is initially produced in block form and can be further processed in-house. We can split it into sheets, join multiple blocks, and then split them to create continuous lengths or rolls of material, with thicknesses starting at just 1mm.

Our on-site conversion capabilities allow us to split and stock rolls and sheets, making them ready for dispatch or further conversion into a wide range of finished parts, including pads, washers, gaskets, or strips. These products can be supplied plain or laminated with a selection of our numerous self-adhesive or foil options.

What is EPDM Sponge Rubber (medium grade)?

EPDM sponge (medium grade) is just one of the many closed-cell sponge materials available in our extensive catalog and is among the most popular.

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, the chemical components used to produce this closed-cell sponge material. It is a robust, synthetic material with closed-cell properties, making it ideal for both internal and external sealing applications where minimal compression is needed for optimal performance.

ASG stocks EPDM sponge rubber as one of its core materials in block, sheet, and roll forms, with thickness options starting as low as 1mm.

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black and white options (medium-density only)
    • Density: 90 – 140kg/m3
    • Flammability Tested: FMVSS 302  
    • Operating Temperature: -20°c to +85°c
    • Thickness: 1mm - 50mm (without laminations)
    • Environmental Resistances: Ozone, UV, weathering
    • Chemical Resistances: ketones, diluted acids and alkalis

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use EPDM Sponge Rubber (Medium Grade)?

    Medium-density EPDM sponge rubber, and products derived from it, serve multiple purposes. They fill gaps, dampen unwanted noise and vibrations, create seals against air, gas, dust, and liquids, and provide cushioning to reduce friction and component damage.

    EPDM sponge rubber's closed-cell nature prevents the passage of air, liquids, and gases, even when not compressed, thanks to its nitrogen gas-filled cells. This unique characteristic contributes to its strong compression set and recovery properties.

    EPDM sponge rubber is widely employed in the construction industry, automotive interiors, electronic applications, lighting systems, ventilation, glazing seals, and door sealing due to its versatility and effectiveness.

    The Benefits of using EPDM Sponge Rubber (Medium Grade)

    • Medium-density EPDM sponge rubber is noise, vibration, shock and abrasion reduction 
    • Flexible with good compression recovery
    • Medium-density EPDM sponge rubber is cost-effective and readily available
    • Naturally compressible to create the perfect seal to control air and water leaks
    • Closed-cell structure prevents bacteria and moulds build-up
    • Excellent properties making it popular for use in a range of industries and applications
    • Medium-density EPDM sponge rubber is easy to convert into a range of products including gaskets, and will hold most adhesives well

    The Advantages of using EPDM Sponge Rubber (Medium Grade)

    EPDM sponge, a closed-cell synthetic material, excels in internal and external sealing due to minimal compression requirements. It offers exceptional durability in outdoor conditions, free from dust and fibers.

    Customizable EPDM sponge rubber sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses, plain or laminated with foils and self-adhesives. For thicker applications or combined properties, EPDM sponge sheets can be laminated together or with other materials.

    Medium-density EPDM sponge rubber is ideal for air and water-tightness, aging gracefully, offering UV resistance, and withstanding temperatures from -20°C to 85°C. It excels in electrical insulation and resists ketones, diluted acids, alkalis, ozone, UV, weathering, and abrasion. EPDM foam meets FMVSS302 and UL94 HBF standards.

    Grades of EPDM sponge sheets available

    ASG offers various EPDM sponge grades and densities, including firm, high-temperature, and semi-open cell options:

    • High-Temperature EPDM Foam is closed-cell and remarkably flexible even at low temperatures, with a broad temperature range of -50°C to +128°C. This material boasts excellent mechanical characteristics, making it suitable for diverse industries such as HVAC, refrigeration, automotive, and construction.
    • Semi-Open Cell EPDM combines open-cell flexibility with closed-cell sealing capabilities. When compressed by 80% of their thickness, semi-open cell EPDM pads become airtight and watertight, making them ideal for sealing applications.
    • Firm Grade EPDM Foam offers resilience and increased tear strength, making it suitable for demanding applications in industries like automotive, marine, defense, and construction.

    For more details, refer to our online spec sheets or contact our sales team for assistance.

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