Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil

By using materials sourced from across the world, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to offer a wide selection of products for use in specialist or demanding sealing and gasketing applications. One such group of products offered from our vast catalogue are various types of fibre jointing materials, with one type being fibre jointing graphite foil.

Fibre Jointing Graphite foil is manufactured in rolls, but is more often supplied in cut sheets of around 1 meter by 1 meter or 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter and in thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 3.0mm. Fibre jointing can be supplied in standard grades, or reinforced using various metals, plastics or wire mesh depending upon the customer's requirement and application.

Our onsite conversion facilities which consist of various presses, slitters, bandsaws and oscillating knife, allows us to take Fibre Jointing Graphite foil sheets of materials and convert them into finished parts including pads, washers, gaskets or strips - all of which can be supplied laminated with a choice of our many self-adhesives.

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    Key Characteristics of Graphite Foil:

    • Colour: Grey
    • Material Composition: Facing material: 98% pure graphite foil. Reinforcement: 13 micron pure nickel foil.
    • Resistant to temperatures of 510℃ in air, 850℃ in steam (3000℃ in vacuum applications
    • Sheese Size: 1m x 1m or 1.5m x 1.5m
    • Thickness Range: 0.4mm - 3mm (vary between grades)
    • Excellent thermal stability and reflectivity, self lubricating and asbestos free
    • High purity, eliminates potential fluid contamination

    Full technical data for our fibre jointing graphite foil can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

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    Samples - Technical Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil

    Samples can be submitted for testing upon request.

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    What Is Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil?

    Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil is a flexible material that is uniform in density, purity and thickness,
    manufactured using high crystalline natural flakes of graphite, processed graphite crystals using special acids and heat - before finally being calendered into finished rolls or sheets of foils without the addition of resins or binders.

    Fibre Jointing Graphite Foils is an excellent material choice for high temperature or high pressure sealing and transfer of gases, liquids, steam and corrosive chemicals.

    Why Use Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil?

    Fibre Jointing Graphite foil is excellent for hot pressing applications and gaskets for use within extremely high temperatures. It is useful as a sealing agent for high pressure and ultra temperature transfer of water, gases, steam and corrosive chemicals.

    As Fibre jointing graphite foil is manufactured without the addition of binders or resins, the chemical properties of the material remain unchanged.  Fibre jointing graphite foil is asbestos free and therefore isn’t associated with health risks also offering low electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity.

    The Benefits of Using Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil?

    • Thermally conductive
    • Resistant to temperatures of 510℃ in air, 850℃ in steam (3000℃ in vacuum applications
    • Chemically inert (except strong oxidizers)
    • Low coefficient of friction and self- lubricating
    • Low electrical resistivity
    • Easy to cut and machine

    Other Grades of Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil Available

    Graphite Foil with Stainless steel reinforcement - used to seal a wide range of media at moderate combinations of temperature and pressure.

    Graphite Foil with Stainless Steel Tang Reinforcement - suitable for applications where there is high pressure sealing stresses. The steel reinforced layer creates a material which can be used to seal a wide range of media at moderate combinations of temperature and pressure.

    Graphite Foil with Wire Mesh Reinforcement - gasket material suited to industrial fluid sealing such as within refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.

    Graphite Foil with Mylar (PET, Polyester) Reinforcement - chemically inert (except concentrated, highly oxidizing acids). This grade offers low to moderate bolt loads and very low creep relaxation and thus re-torquing is rarely required.

    Advantages Of Using Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil

    Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil brings a number of advantages to applications, providing thermally conductive seals or gaskets, which are chemically resistant, self-lubricating and can also offer vibration dampening properties. Fibre Jointing Graphite Foil is manufactured in a range of grades offering different properties and levels of resistance, each of which can be converted into finished products such as gaskets, washers, strips and seals of varying sizes and finishes.

    These parts can be used for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and chemically shielding, thermal electronic and electrochemical applications. Components made from Fibre Jointing Graphite materials are often the first choice for some of the most extreme conditions and environments, automotive, petroleum, chemical and nuclear as parts in the form of sealing valves, shafts, flanges, protective lining and gaskets, offering reliability and longevity, reducing the loss of profit caused by equipment failures causing downtime and reduced productivity.

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