Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd stands proudly as one of the UK's leading suppliers and converters of polyethylene materials, including flame retardant polyethylene foam.

Our extensive storage facility allows us to stock polyethylene rolls, blocks, and sheets in various densities and grades, including Flame Retardant, ready for dispatch or conversion into finished parts. This material is sometimes referred to as Flame Retardant block foam, FR-PE foam, Flame Retardant Polyethylene sponge, or LDPE-FR (low-density Polyethylene) foam.

The raw Flame Retardant polyethylene material is produced in block form or 'buns.' Using cutting-edge splitting machines, we create sheets and rolls starting at a mere 1.5mm thickness and lengths of up to 100 meters (depending on thickness).

Our well-equipped facility houses numerous machines, including presses, log cutters, strippers, bandsaws, CNC machines, and coaters. We also offer an on-site laminating service, enabling us to provide flame retardant polyethylene foam parts with various finishes, such as plain or coated on one or both faces with a range of self-adhesives, foils, and even layers of other materials.

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    Characteristics of Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

    • Colours: Grey
    • Density: 25kg - 100Kg
    • Cell Structure: closed cell
    • Temperature Range: -60℃ - +90℃
    • Flammability Standards: UL94 HF-1 , EN 11925-2 CLASS E
    • Resistances: wear, tear, Ozone and UV

    Full technical data for Advanced Seals and Gaskets flame retardant polyethylene foam can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Is Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam?

    Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam, a lightweight closed-cell material, offers high quality, various resistances, insulation properties, and is available in different densities.

    Produced densities include 25kg, 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, and 100kg, measured as the weight or mass across the foam's entire volume or within a cubic meter (m3).

    Denser foam is heavier and more compact, affecting material properties and performance. Flame Retardant Polyethylene is made with the same compound as standard PE, with the addition of a flame retardant additive before curing. It can be obtained in full rolls, sheets, or cut into finished parts like strips, pads, gaskets, washers, etc.

    Why Use Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam?

    Polyethylene foams inherently possess low compression set and resistance to water, oils, chemicals, and weather. Additional additives can enhance specific properties.

    Flame Retardant Polyethylene is one such grade; it incorporates a Flame Retardant additive during compounding, resulting in a material that burns slower or self-extinguishes in open flames, reducing fire spread. This closed-cell foam boasts good tear resistance, simplifying conversion and cutting.

    Apart from flame retardancy, these Polyethylene foams offer wear resistance, Ozone and UV resistance, impact resilience, a wide working temperature range (-60°C to +90°C), and a smooth, closed-cell surface that resists mold and fungus growth.

    Benefits Of Using Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

    • Lightweight, strong & durable
    • Flame Retardant properties reduces the spread of flames
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Water repellent and buoyant
    • Excellent chemical, solvent, grease and fluid resistance
    • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Easy to cut, convert, shape and glue

    Other Grades of Polyethylene Foam Available

    Having a network of manufacturers and suppliers, allows ASG to offer a full range of polyethylene materials, many of which are readily available from stock for a quick turnaround. Below is just a selection of some of our popular polyethylene material types we can offer:

    • Polyethylene (Block foam in various densities including-25kg, 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, 100kg)
    • Alveo
    • Anti static
    • Ethafoam
    • Eva foam
    • Chemically cross linked
    • Plastazote
    • Stratocell

    Advantages of Using Acoustic Foam Gaskets

    Polyethylene foam comes in various grades, offering versatility for applications ranging from dust seals to flame retardant gaskets and theatre props.

    Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam, with a closed-cell structure, excels in sealing against liquids, gases, particles, and fire. It resists wear, tear, Ozone, UV, and shows resilience to impact. Its temperature range spans from -60°C to +90°C. Additionally, it provides effective noise and vibration control, making it ideal for shock absorption and thermal insulation.

    Flame Retardant additives in the compound give this material self-extinguishing and slower burn rate properties. It's suitable for applications with a fire risk, reducing the spread of flames.

    With a smooth surface, Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam is aesthetically pleasing and easy to fabricate, laminate, and cut for various industries.

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