Food Quality Silicone Rubber

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd offer an extensive range of high-quality solid rubber materials, including various specialist grades of silicone, one of which is Food Quality Silicone Rubber (FDA approved). 

Food quality materials are generally offered in white or blue colours, however as all silicone rubber is food safe, this material is also available in translucent, white, blue and red, manufactured in thicknesses starting from 1 mm and in roll lengths of 10 meters. 

These materials can be supplied in full sheets or rolls, alternatively, we can use our in-house conversion facilities to cut them down into usable parts such as gaskets, seals, washers, pads and strips.

What is Food Quality Silicone Rubber?

Silicone (SI) rubber is an excellent material for producing high-performance mechanical seals and gaskets which can operate at high and low temperatures.  

FDA silicone is manufactured to be completely odourless, non-toxic and contains no chemical fillers or byproducts.  Food quality silicone rubber sheeting is a high-quality product, designed and formulated for use in the most demanding applications.

Silicone offers excellent resistance to high temperatures which make it ideal for use in food manufacturing, transportation, packaging and pharmaceuticals.  

The material is available in a number of colours, meaning it can be used with different ingredients and products allowing for foreign bodies and contaminants to be identified.

Food Quality Silicone Rubber

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Anthracite
    • Density: <90KG/M³
    • Fire Propagation Index: <12
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 100ºC
    • Thickness: 1mm – 100mm (can be laminated for greater thickness)

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    Samples - Technical Food Quality Silicone Rubber

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    Why use Food Quality Silicone Rubber?

    Food quality Silicone (also referred to as FDA silicone or food-grade silicone) is a versatile material developed and produced for use in the food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries. 

    The material itself is easy to convert into a range of products for use in various applications from chutes and sleeves to washers, seals gaskets and extruded pipes or tubes.   

    In all food and beverage industries, food safety is a crucial factor, therefore all ingredients, machines, equipment, packaging and transportation vessels needs to be compliant and meet quality standards, which this silicone grade of rubber does.

    Advantages of using Food Quality Solid Silicone Rubber

    Food Quality Silicone rubber is FDA approved ensuring the material doesn't contaminate or affect the smell and taste of any food or drinks it comes into contact with as it is non-toxic and odourless. 

    Food quality silicone rubber has a smooth non-porous surface offering resistance to bacteria growth and resistance to most chemicals(including ammonia gas, sodium sulfate, and vinegar), moisture and fats and is also easy to wash and clean, therefore re-usable making it ideal for food and beverage production, it is also WRAS approved for use with drinking water seals and dispensers.  Silicone rubber, including food quality grade, offers high elasticity and compressibility, ensuring seals and gaskets retain their shape, are fit for purpose and have a long life span. 

    Applications in which food quality silicone can be found include food, drink and pharmaceutical processing and packaging, gaskets, seals and strips for machine parts used with food processing, ‘clean industries such as laboratories, air conditioning units and high-temperature sealing.

    Benefits of using Food Quality Silicone Rubber

    • Meeds food safety standards for use with food and beverage contact
    • Wide temperature range of -60°C to +225°C
    • Resistant to weathering, UV and Ozone effects
    • Easy to convert or extrude into a range of usable products and shapes
    • Available in a range of thicknesses and colours for different applications

    Different grades of Food Quality Solid Rubber

    As ASG work with a network of material manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer customers a choice of FDA rubber types to choose from, some of the most popular include:

    Neoprene (CR) is white in colour and conforms to EC and FDA regulations for use within the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.  Properties including resistance to fats, greases and vegetable oils, combined with higher tensile strength and wider working temperature range of  -30°C up to +130°C make it a popular material to use

    Nitrile  Food quality nitrile rubber offers excellent resistance to animal fats, vegetable/fish oils and greases, as well as higher tensile strength and resistance to high temperatures 

    EPDM - Food quality EPDM is available in blue and white options.  This synthetic material is suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical processing applications.  Food quality EPDM offers good resistance to animal and vegetable oils, iis non-toxic and has a working temperature of -25°C up to +140°C. 

    Natural (NR) - Food quality solid natural rubber is a high quality, white material which meets EU1935:2004 20/20/26 and FDA CFR 177 Sub Part C 177 standardS. Food quality natural rubber offers excellent tear and abrasion resistance, tensile strength, with good resistance against moderate chemicals, wet & dry organic acids, alcohol and ketones.

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