High Load Bearing Foam

High Load Bearing Foam

Characteristics of High Load Bearing PU

  • Standard Colour: Dark Grey
  • Density: 20-24KG/M3
  • Nominal Hardness: 215 -290 Newtons (BS EN ISO 2439:METHOD B 2008)
  • Tensile Strength: 110 KPa (min)
  • Elongation at Breaks: 100% (min)
  • Force @ 25% compression: D3574-81 Test B1,45-60 lb (force @ 25% compression) Physical properties are measured using the relevant BS4443 Test

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Polyurethane foam is a versatile material used in various everyday applications, and Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd is your reliable supplier and converter of High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam. This versatile material offers a wide range of benefits, and our offerings encompass the entire spectrum.

High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam Overview:

Material Variety: Polyurethane foams exhibit significant variety in terms of types, densities, and properties. At Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we specialize in providing High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam, meticulously engineered to withstand heavy loads and deliver exceptional durability.

Block Form: The fundamental form of High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam starts as substantial blocks, typically measuring 2.3 meters by 2 meters or 2.3 meters by 1 meter. These sizeable blocks serve as the raw material for the customized products we create.

Sheet Thickness: Versatility is a hallmark of polyurethane foam. Sheets can be expertly split from the block material, offering the flexibility to achieve a range of thicknesses. Our standard thicknesses extend up to approximately 100mm, providing numerous options for tailored solutions. Moreover, these sheets can be seamlessly laminated together, resulting in even thicker sheets or rolls.

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    What is High Load Bearing Foam

    Much like other Polyurethane foams, High Density Polyurethane Foam is composed of two primary ingredients: polyol, a petroleum-based component, and diisocyanate, forming the foundational structure of polyurethane foams.

    High Density Polyurethane Foams, often referred to as HLB, are a favored material utilized across diverse industries. High Density PU is characterized by its impressive density, rendering it ideal for offering robust support and superior shock absorption.

    This material is not limited to a specific sector but finds extensive use in the furniture and automotive interior industries. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in packaging and safeguarding delicate components within the electronics market, a testament to its exceptional protective properties.

    High Load Bearing Foam, commonly abbreviated as HLB, holds particular significance in the electronics industry, where cushioning delicate components is a paramount concern. HLB foams exhibit varying firmness levels, a quality distinct from density, catering to a spectrum of applications and industries that demand distinct levels of support.

    Why Use High Load Bearing Foam

    High Load Bearing Foams (HLB) enjoy popularity thanks to their remarkable load-bearing attributes and their capacity to withstand impacts and external forces effectively.

    Similar to other Polyurethane foams, High Load Bearing Foams can be produced in a range of densities and grades, including Flame Resistance properties.

    The high-density nature of High Density Polyurethane Foams is renowned for its 'viscoelastic' characteristics, signifying the material's resilience and recovery following the application of force. This property allows High Load Bearing Foams to be manufactured in varying densities and firmness levels. Moreover, they can be used to create hybrid foams through lamination with lower-density materials, providing tailored firmness levels.

    High Load Bearing Foams find application in a multitude of areas, including mattresses, boat seats, camping mats, pet bedding, sports mats, and packaging solutions.

    Alternative PU & packaging foams

    • Acoustic
    • Egg box
    • Pick & Pluck
    • Basotech
    • Polyester
    • Polyether
    • Recon
    • Retic

    Benefits of using High Load Bearing Foam

    • Durable and Study
    • Excellent levels of viscoelasticity and recovery
    • Available in many sheet sizes
    • Can be laminated to other materials
    • FR and Anti-Static grades available
    • Easy to cut

    Advantages of using High Load Bearing Foam

    High Load Bearing Foams are not only found used in the production of mechanical and engineering components but also in many commercial and residential seating applications - often used as a replacement for spring systems offering higher levels of stability and comfort when used for seating and bedding.   

    Due to their excellent viscoelastic properties, they are also great for use in automotive applications as interior fillings,  industrial applications such as buffer or impact pads or as seals and gaskets.   When used for packaging and transporting fragile components within the electronics market, they offer a high level of protection and cushioning for delicate items.

    Equally, anti-static foams are designed to eliminate static potential from the foam itself and to dissipate electro-static discharge from other sources.   High Load Bearing PU is available in a choice of densities and thicknesses, but can also be laminated to other materials to offer bespoke levels of firmness.

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