Melamine Foam Basotech Polyurethane Foam

Melamine Polyurethane Foam may also be referred to as Basotech Melamine Polyurethane Foam

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd Manufacture a diverse range of Melamine Polyurethane Foam products.

Melamine or "Basotec" foam is a low density, open cell polymer that is light weight, flexible and very soft. It is available in either white or dark grey. Melamine has traditionally been used for the insulation of pipes and ductwork in the HVAC markets and has a long established history as a sound proofing material due to its excellent acoustic properties. More recently it has been developed as the "magic sponge" which cleans and removes stains from surfaces without the need for harsh detergents, this is possible due to the abrasive nature of the melamine and the micro porous structure of the material.

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture a wide variety of products from Melamine Polyurethane Foam including:

All of the above can be manufacturer in either plain or self-adhesive backed, peel-able liner on one or both sides.

Melamine Foam has many applications including acoustic panelling for walls and ceilings in both commercial and industrial environments such as theatres, halls and studios along with acoustic lining to encapsulate noise sources such as plant, machinery, automotive equipment, marine equipment and defence machinery.

Key Characteristics of Melamine Foam Basotech Polyurethane Foam:

  • high resistance to heat and chemicals
  • high level of sound absorption
  • good thermal insulation
  • light weight, flexible and very soft
Melamine Foam Basotech Polyurethane Foam

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Quality of our Melamine Foam Basotech Polyurethane Foam

The quality of service and the products manufactured from Melamine Foam Basotech Polyurethane Foam is controlled by our Quality Management Systems which is certified to ISO 9001.

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