Nitrile Bonded Cork

Nitrile Bonded Cork

Specification & Key Characteristics

  • Colour: Brown with black specks
  • Bonded Materials: Nitrile Rubber & Natural Cork
  • Density: 0.56-0.70
  • Resistances: Oils, Fuel, Sound Suppression, Water Resistance
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +120°C
  • Thicknesses available: 0.8mm – 25mm Thick ( can be laminated for greater thickness)

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Nitrile bonded cork, a versatile material, derives its exceptional utility from a unique blend of properties. This composite, created by merging cork granules with nitrile rubber, offers flexibility, resilience, and impressive sealing capabilities. Its diverse applications span various industries, and in this exploration, we shed light on nitrile bonded cork's exceptional features and Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd's capacity to provide tailored solutions.

The material composition of nitrile bonded cork is ingenious, merging cork granules with nitrile rubber to achieve a harmonious blend of qualities, including flexibility, resilience, and outstanding sealing capabilities. This makes nitrile bonded cork a valuable choice for a range of industries and applications.

Nitrile bonded cork isn't one-size-fits-all; it adapts to the specific demands of projects. Initially available in sheet or roll forms with varying standard thicknesses, these sheets can be precisely cut to create bespoke sizes, aligning with the customer's specifications. This customization ensures that nitrile bonded cork seamlessly integrates into a wide range of applications.

To further elevate the versatility of nitrile bonded cork, our on-site laminating service empowers us to incorporate additional layers of cork or other materials, tailored to your application's unique demands. Whether you require enhanced adhesion or a specific level of durability, we can provide the perfect solution.

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    What is Nitrile Bonded Cork?

    Nitrile bonded cork, formed by combining cork and nitrile rubber granules, assumes a unique brown hue speckled with black pigments. This blend confers a wide spectrum of beneficial characteristics upon the material, endowing it with exceptional resilience and versatility.

    The inclusion of nitrile augments the material's innate resistance to various substances, encompassing oil, fuel, hydrocarbons, and water. This inherent durability and flexibility elevate nitrile bonded cork to a distinguished position, suitable for a broad array of applications.

    Available in both roll and sheet formats, nitrile bonded cork empowers customers to tailor their own sheets, gaskets, pads, strips, and more, precisely as per their requirements. This flexibility underscores its adaptability and suitability across different industries.

    Furthermore, nitrile cork products present the added advantage of various finishes, allowing customers to choose from options such as foils, self-adhesives, or lamination with other materials. These composite sheets further enrich the material's already impressive array of properties, rendering it an ideal solution for a wide spectrum of applications.

    Why use Nitrile Bonded Cork?

    Nitrile bonded cork plays a pivotal role across various industries, primarily in crafting gaskets, pads, and strips. This material flaunts an array of properties that render it incredibly versatile.

    Its excellence extends to domains like anti-vibration, weather resistance, and formidable resistance against water, oil, and solvents. Notably, its flexibility and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice, particularly in applications involving fuel, with an impressive sealing capacity of up to 120°C.

    What sets us apart is our in-house precision-cutting capabilities for nitrile cork, allowing us to cater to customer specifications with unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, we offer an assortment of finishing options, including adhesives and foils, as well as the ability to laminate it with other materials from our extensive catalog. This adds further dimensions to its properties and enables us to craft unique, robust products tailored to your specific requirements.

    In particular, our nitrile bonded cork enjoys high demand in the automotive, engineering, construction, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. This widespread usage serves as a testament to its exceptional utility and reliability in these diverse and demanding industries, underscoring its reputation as a versatile and dependable solution.

    The Advantages of Using Nitrile Bonded Cork

    Nitrile bonded cork is widely embraced in diverse sectors, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing, owing to its versatile attributes. This material plays a pivotal role in scenarios demanding resistance to ozone, oils, fuels, and heat. It excels in functions like surface protection, sealing, spacing, and sound/vibration absorption within heavy machinery and mechanical components.

    Remarkably, Nitrile bonded cork finds application in an array of components, ranging from sumps, valve covers, electrical transformers, to electrical switch gears, and general cover and lid sealing. What's particularly noteworthy is its availability in both roll and sheet forms, offering customers and end-users the freedom to meticulously customize their products, be it strips, gaskets, washers, pads, or more, aligning precisely with their unique requirements.

    This adaptability underscores the material's versatility, making it an outstanding choice for various industries where bespoke solutions are a fundamental necessity. Its ability to cater to specific demands sets it apart, ensuring it remains a preferred and indispensable resource across a spectrum of applications.

    Benefits of Nitrile Bonded Cork

    • Sound Suppression
    • Thermal Properties
    • Bonded with Other Materials Based on Application
    • Fuel & oil resistant
    • Anti-Vibration
    • Natural Material

    Other Grades of Cork Available

    Cork products are available in various grades, with options like natural cork and bonding with materials such as neoprene and synthetic rubber, alongside nitriles.

    Neoprene bonded cork excels in high-temperature sealing, displaying resilience against weathering and oil. It's a suitable choice for applications in oil, engineering, electrical, anti-vibration, and soundproofing.

    Furthermore, synthetic bonded cork merges synthetic rubbers with cork to amplify its properties. This combination broadens the material's utility, making it applicable in water-retaining contexts and scenarios requiring resistance to specific acids.

    In contrast, natural cork presents a cost-effective alternative to sponge and rubber. It finds common use in applications such as air, dust, and water seals, thermal insulation, as well as acoustic and anti-vibration solutions.

    If you seek more information about our extensive range of bonded cork grades, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're dedicated to assisting you with your specific requirements, ensuring you have the right solution for your needs.

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