Polyether Polyurethane Foam

Polyether Polyurethane Foam

Characteristics of Polyether Polyurethane Foam

  • Density: 22 - 24 kg/m3
  • Colour: Grey/white
  • Block Size:  (L) 2 to 2.5meters x (W) 1  to 2 metres x (T) 175 to 1260 mm
  • Fire Resistance: (FMVSS302) Pass
  • Minimum Temperature: -20°C
  • Maximum Temperature: +120°C

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Polyether Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foams supplied by ASG are available in different open cell variants in various grades densities and colours. One of which is Polyether Polyurethane Foam.  As with other PU foams, Polyether foams are suited to a wide range of applications as it’s a highly versatile material offering more resistance to oxidation and ageing in comparison to most other rubber and foams. 

As well as being durable and lightweight, it is also cost-efficient making it a popular choice for many items. That Classed as ‘long-life’ such as seat cushions and sofa fillings. Polyether Polyurethane foam is manufactured in very large master blocks or ‘buns’ usually ranging from around 2 to 2.5meters. In length, 1  to 2 metres in width and 175 to 1260 mm in thickness, which are held in stock from which we can convert sheets and rolls at various thicknesses starting from as little as 1.5mm.

 As we offer in-house conversion and lamination services, we can not only split Polyether materials down. We can also laminate layers together to create very thick products or laminates using multiple materials and apply self adhesives or foil facings. Our onsite facilities consists of a number of presses, log cutters, strippers, bandsaws and CNC machines from which we can produce a number of Polyether Foam components including gaskets, washers, strips, pads and fabrications.

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    What is Polyether Foam?

    Polyurethane foams are just one of many members of the polymer family, with Polyether being a soft, open cell, low density variant, available in grey or white often used in low cost applications. 

    Polyether Polyurethane Foam is formulated and manufactured using a combination of polyether polyols, catalysts and blowing agents which create the foam open cell texture. 

    During the manufacturing process, further additives can be added to the formulation in order to produce Polyether foam with additional properties such as flame retardancy, anti-static, anti-bacterial and many more.

    Why use Polyether Polyurethane Foam?

    Polyether Polyurethane Foams are soft, lightweight and have a low density. The materials are manufactured as large blocks of material which can be easily split, sawn and fabricated into many different components each with excellent properties including excellent compressibility, meaning it will bounce back and recover quickly. This compressibility makes it a great choice of materials of cushioning applications. 

    It’s flexible with a high tensile properties and tear resistance, resistance to mold, mildew and fungus growth as well as grease oil water and temperature with  working temperature range of around -20°C to +120°C.  

    Polyether Polyurethane is perfect for use as seals, cushioning, vibration dampening, heat insulation or surface protection. 

    Available grades of Polyurethane

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd work with a number of material manufacturers, giving our customers more choice when looking for polyurethane foams , our most popular grades being:

    • Acoustic
    • Egg box
    • Pick & Pluck
    • HLB
    • Basotech
    • Polyester
    • Recon
    • Retic

    Benefits of using Polyether Polyurethane Foam

    • Compressibility
    • Cushioning
    • Light-weight
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Low water vapor transmission
    • Mildew-resistance
    • Resiliency
    • Sound absorption/Vibration dampening

    Advantages of using Polyether Polyurethane Foam


    Our Polyether Polyurethane Foam is highly durable and versatile offering a vast range of desirable attributes as well as being cost effective allowing it to be used across several industries and applications. These foams are available in grey or white colour options with  excellent properties. 

    Being an open cell foam, the Polyether is a breathable material meaning its allows air to circulate throughout its structure.  It offer excellent compressibility,  meaning it will bounce back and recover quickly from repeated loading, this compressibility makes it a great choice of materials for cushioning applications. 

    It’s flexible with a high tensile properties and tear resistance, resistance to mould, mildew and fungus growth as well as grease oil water and temperature with working temperature range of around -20°C to +120°C.   It’s soft composition makes it ideal for use within sportswear, medical devices and more popularly packaging.

     Due to the open cell structure of this particular foam, it doesn’t hold moisture. moisture is quick drying and allows some airflow, characteristics which are suitable for outdoor seating, filtration, speaker foams, etc.  Polyether Polyurethane foam and components made from this material can be found used in a range of sound and vibration dampening applications. Such as cushioning, sealing, impact or bumper pads and even seals or gaskets within aerospace, automotive, machinery and appliances manufacturing.


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