80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane foam

80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane Foam

Characteristics of 80PPI Reticulated Foam:

  • Sheet Size: 2x1 or 1m x 1m
  • Density:26-32 kg/m3
  • Pore Density: 80 ppi
  • Tensile Strength - 140 kPA -
  • Compression Load DeflectionISO 3386: 4.6kPa
  • Minimum Temperature : -30°C Maximum Temperature - +110°C
  • Colour - Charcoal Grey  (marine safe is available in a blue colour)
  • Available in different shapes and profiles
  • Properties:  UV and light-resistant, resistant to ageing.  Oil, chemical and contaminant resistant, reusable.

Full technical data can be supplied upon request, or downloaded from our online portal.

Reticulated PU foams are characterized by their PPI (pores per inch) rating, with 10PPI having large, fully open cells, while 80PPI features smaller, denser cells. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd keeps various reticulated foam densities in stock, readily available for conversion. The 80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane foam, often referred to as Retic foam, Reticulated PU, open cell PU, or 'Filter foam,' is recognized for its open cellular structure. These foams have a mesh-like appearance, especially noticeable between 10PPI and 30PPI, where larger holes predominate.

These holes, termed 'pores,' vary in size and define the foam's grade. The PPI designation reflects the number and size of these pores per square inch, ranging from the coarse 10PPI to the finer 100PPI. Lower PPI indicates higher porosity, allowing more fluid and air flow, while higher PPI signifies lower porosity, restricting air and liquid flow, particularly in the 80PPI to 100PPI range.

80PPI reticulated foam falls into the high porosity category and is produced in substantial blocks or 'buns' stocked for further processing into sheets, continuous lengths, or rolls. Our in-house conversion facilities enable the production and supply of 80PPI retic foam products in various forms, starting from 5mm thickness. These products include sheets, rolls, and finished cut items like gaskets, washers, pads, and strips, available in plain, foil-coated, self-adhesive, or laminated versions. This extensive range of options ensures tailored solutions for diverse applications.

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    What is 80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane Foam?

    The term "Reticulated polyurethane foam" is derived from the word "reticulated," which means "net-like." As the PPI decreases, the pore size increases, leading to greater liquid and airflow. With increasing PPI, the number of pores rises, affecting its suitability for specific filtration and absorption applications.

    In contrast to lower porosity grades, 80PPI retic foam boasts high porosity, displaying a compact, closed-cell structure, making it an efficient filter for capturing even the finest dust particles. The 80PPI foam comprises smaller, tightly packed cells, resulting in a softer, more foam-like texture. Despite having smaller pores, it remains open-cell and quick-drying, allowing air and liquids to flow freely while trapping smaller dust and debris particles.

    The versatility of reticulated polyurethane foam, especially 80PPI, lies in its ability to manage diverse filtration and absorption tasks. Its unique structure combines the advantages of open-cell foam with the fine filtration capabilities of closed-cell materials, offering a multifaceted solution for various applications. Whether it's trapping minuscule particles or facilitating rapid air and liquid passage, 80PPI reticulated foam showcases its utility and adaptability.

    Why use 80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane Foam?

    Choosing the right reticulated foam is a crucial decision, contingent upon comprehending the distinct PPI values and their efficacy in various applications and settings. Additionally, the thickness of the foam plays a pivotal role, influencing the filtration capacity. Thicker foam restricts the passage of air or fluid, especially under compression, causing the pores to constrict and consequently increasing dust and debris capture.

    Within this context, 80PPI reticulated foams outperform paper or cotton filters and liners. They exhibit exceptional water resistance, making them suitable for both air and moisture filtration. The high PPI grade boasts an extensive surface area and porosity, allowing controlled air and moisture flow, particularly compared to 10PPI. With their finer pores, they capture smaller particles and accumulate more dust.

    These characteristics render 80PPI reticulated PU foam an excellent choice for applications requiring sound absorption, such as in speakers. It's equally adept in outdoor or marine seat cushioning and vibration damping. Additionally, it's commonly used in gasketing and sealing, where low air permeability is essential. Opting for 80PPI is often preferred over lower PPI options because even in a thin form, it delivers outstanding filtration performance, while lower PPI would require significant thickness or compression to attain similar efficiency.

    Available Grades of Polyurethane Foam

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets collaborates with a range of material manufacturers, providing our customers with a diverse selection of polyurethane materials. Among our most sought-after types are acoustic, egg box, pick & pluck, HLB, Basotech, polyester, polyether, and reticulated foams, spanning a broad PPI range from 10PPI to 100PPI.

    This extensive array of materials empowers our customers with an abundance of options, catering to specific needs across various industries and applications. Whether it's sound absorption with acoustic foam, cushioning with egg box foam, or customization with pick & pluck foam, we offer a comprehensive assortment of polyurethane solutions.

    Each material possesses distinct properties, making them suitable for a wide spectrum of applications. Our collaborations with multiple manufacturers ensure that we can consistently deliver high-quality polyurethane materials that align with our customers' unique requirements. This broad portfolio of choices highlights our commitment to providing tailored solutions, addressing the diverse needs of our clientele.

    Benefits of using 80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane Foam

    The reticulated foam boasts a lightweight, high-porosity open-cell structure that enhances its filtration capabilities. It exhibits low odors, high resistance to mold and mildew, and exceptional chemical resistance. Additionally, the foam is tear-resistant and compressible, providing durability under various conditions.

    One of the key advantages of this material is its washability and reusability. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where maintaining cleanliness and extending the life of the foam are essential.

    In industries and environments where lightweight, porous, low-odor, and chemical-resistant materials are crucial, reticulated foam stands out as a reliable choice. Its tear resistance and compressibility make it suitable for applications that require longevity and performance under pressure. Moreover, its washable and reusable nature further enhances its value, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

    Advantages of using 80PPI Reticulated Polyurethane Foam

    80PPI reticulated foam offers excellent chemical and fuel resistance, along with good elongation and tear strength properties. Rendering it suitable for diverse, demanding industries and applications. Its open cellular structure and soft nature undergo transformation when compressed, evolving into a more closed-cell material that alters its breathability and porosity.

    This transition restricts the rate at which liquids and air pass through while increasing the material's ability to trap and retain. waste, dust, and debris within its pores. Notably, 80PPI is frequently employed in HVAC equipment and large industrial compressors or blowers where higher airflows necessitate increased porosity to handle force and capture dust. It's also the preferred choice for power switch enclosures, preventing dust particles from entering the switch and posing a fire risk.

    Our reticulated foams are versatile, available in various PPIs and adaptable to different colours and shapes, including die-cut parts, egg-box profiles, and glued tubes and cylinders. They exhibit resistance to mild acids, alkalis, saltwater, fuel, organic chemicals, oils, lubricants, soaps, and detergents.

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