Viton Sponge Rubber

Viton Sponge Rubber

Viton Sponge Rubber

Collaborating with multiple material suppliers empowers Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd to provide an extensive array of high-quality materials, including specialized grades tailored for unique industries and applications. One such material is Viton sponge, employed in crafting products like Viton sponge rubber.

Viton sponge stands out for its special formulation, enabling it to withstand extreme temperatures spanning from -25°C to +204°C, along with a wide range of chemicals, liquids, and acids. This versatile material is manufactured in roll form, with thicknesses commencing at 3.18mm. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd can efficiently convert it into various other products, including sheets and cut components such as washers, strips, and gaskets. This process is facilitated by a suite of in-house machinery, comprising splitters, bandsaws, presses, log cutters, and oscillating knives. Additionally, Viton sponge can be supplied with a plain or self-adhesive finish through our in-house laminating service.

Customers and end-users have the flexibility to acquire Viton sponge as finished cut components or in roll and sheet formats. This versatility accommodates larger surface areas and the capability to cut parts as needed, enhancing adaptability and convenience.

What is Viton Sponge Rubber

Viton sponge rubber is among the diverse closed-cell materials provided by Advanced Seals & Gaskets, ideal for demanding environments. This material is produced in roll form, with thickness options ranging from 3.18mm to 19.05mm, featuring skin on both sides to enhance tear resistance.

Some customers favor rolls for the flexibility of cutting their own sheets to their specific needs as required. Nevertheless, our on-site conversion and laminating services enable us to offer custom-finished cut parts, available with a selection of finishes, including foils, self-adhesives, or other materials. This versatility ensures we cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and requirements.

Material Enquiry

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black 
    • Density: 10Lb/Ft³ - 19Lb/Ft³  (varies depending on thickness)
    • Temperature Range: -20ºc to +210ºc
    • Manufactured Thickness: 3.18mm - 19.05mm (can be split down or laminated to achieve greater thicknesses)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Viton Sponge?

    Viton sponge rubber boasts an extensive array of highly desirable resistance and mechanical properties, positioning it as the premier choice for sealing, gasketing, and insulating applications in demanding environments.

    This exceptional material is not only tear-resistant due to its skin finish but also showcases a broad working temperature range spanning from -20°C to +210°C. It exhibits remarkable resistance to an array of substances, including chemicals, fuel, ozone, weather, lubricants, animal/vegetable oils, and hydrocarbons.

    These remarkable properties render Viton sponge rubber suitable for high-temperature sealing, such as within engine bays and automotive applications. Simultaneously, it caters to applications necessitating acoustic and vibration dampening in construction while demonstrating resistance to oils, acids, and various chemicals. Viton sponge rubber's versatility and robust characteristics make it an invaluable asset in diverse industrial and environmental settings.

    Benefits of Viton Sponge Rubber

    • Environmental resistance (ozone/weather0
    • Viton sponge rubber has a high Chemical Resistance
    • Viton sponge rubber is weather & hot water-resistant
    • High Temperature Range
    • Fuel, oil, lubricant resistance
    • Withstand Challenging Environments

    The Advantages of Using Viton Sponge

    The utilization of Viton sponge rubber sheets offers numerous advantages due to their high-performance, versatility, and durability. These sheets exhibit enhanced strength owing to the skins, thereby ensuring tear and puncture resistance.

    Even without the skins, Viton sponge rubber, with its closed-cell structure, is suitable for fabricating a wide array of sealing components, effectively preventing the ingress of air or fluid into its cell structure.

    Viton sponge rubber materials are readily available in a range of standard pre-manufactured thicknesses, serving as a foundation for the conversion into various products like gaskets, strips, rolls, washers, and more. Furthermore, these rolls and sheets can be customized by splitting them down or laminating to attain non-standard thicknesses, aligning with specific requirements. This adaptability allows Viton sponge rubber to cater to a multitude of sealing and insulating needs.

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