Acetal Strip

Plastic strips are one of many products manufactured and supplied by ASG, Acetal (polyoxymethylene or POM) being just one of many types and grades on offer. Acetal plastics can be supplied in sheets up to 1200 x 300mm in size and thicknesses between 0.8mm, from which acetal plastic strips can be cut.

Various other non-standard length and thicknesses can also be made to order using methods such as vacuum forming and moulding. By taking our customers' dimensions or drawings and using one of our many on-site saws, presses or CNC machines, we are able to convert Acetal plastic sheets into bespoke sized cut strips, supplied in a plain finish or with a choice of self adhesives and foils.

Acetal Plastic Strips

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    Key Characteristics of Acetal Plastic

    Sheet Size: up to 1200 x 300mm

    Thicknesses: 0.8mm and 50mm,

    Max Temperature: 96.9°C

    Grades Available: Static Dissipative, Glass-Filled, Enhanced Bearing and Wear, FDA Compliant, Metal and X-ray Detectable

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    What Are Acetal Plastic Strips?

    Acetal plastic is one of many thermoplastic polymers available from Advanced Seals & Gaskets. Acetal Plastic strips are a highly wear resistant, strong , low friction engineering thermoplastic recognised for its strong physical and processing properties - retaining its hardness and rigidity even when exposed to high and low temperatures and in both wet and dry environments.

    Acetal plastic is often cut into a range of strips and seals as they’re lightweight and one of the preferred alternatives to metal due to their durability and resistance to weathering and corrosion. Acetal plastic strips are often purchased for use in the same way as a gasket, whereby they are used to create a seal between uneven surfaces and fill irregularities.

    Why Use Acetal Plastic Strips?

    Customers and manufacturers will often choose to use Acetal plastic for the production of their strips as the material is easy to machine into precise and intricate components, resistant to some chemicals, solvents and hydrocarbons and offers excellent wear properties in wet or dry conditions.

    Acetal is available in two material options - Homopolymer and Copolymer, Homopolymer Acetal as strong and tough at room temperature, whereas Copolymer Acetal demonstrates excellent performance at high heat and within hot water environments as it’s less porous. As Acetal Plastic is highly wear resistant it can be found used in strip form in applications such as edge sealing, fillers, wear strips and protective screens.

    Other Types of Plastic Available

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a multitude of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice of plastic sheeting - our most popular materials being:

    • PTFE
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polypropylene
    • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
    • PVC
    • Polyester
    • ABS
    • Acrylic
    • Nylatron

    Advantages Of Using Acetal Plastic Strips

    Acetal plastic strips offer many desirable properties and advantages, not only is the material easy to machine into intricate components, being a thermoplastic polymer, it can also be vacuum formed and moulded into bespoke profiled strips where a lip or textured surface is required.

    Acetal plastic also exhibits excellent creep resistance, dimensional stability, strength, low coefficient friction, low water absorption and good electrical properties. Combined with the excellent wear resistance and performance in cold or hot environments (including hot water), makes Acetal perfect for use within pumps and valves, electrical components, food production, medical devices, automotive components, etc.

    Benefits Of Using Acetal Plastic

    • Good chemical resistance
    • Wear & abrasion resistant
    • Performs well in wet or dry environments
    • Excellent machinability
    • Low moisture absorption
    • Good electrical insulation
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