Scrim Adhesive

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets we produce and apply many adhesive tapes including scrim adhesive.  Scrim adhesive tapes are constructed from an open-weave material creating a ladder or diamond patterned mesh, which is then used as a carrier to hold the adhesive (glue).

This adhesive is then coated onto a release liner ready for use in bonding and laminating applications. The scrim used in the adhesive provides reinforcement and prevents stretching of the material.

Scrim Adhesive

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    We are able to convert most of our material grades into self adhesive tapes with the ability to apply tape to one or two sides of the product. Standard material groups include:

    • Solid Rubber
    • Sponge Rubber
    • PVC Foam
    • Polyethylene Foam

    The above material groups expand further to include grades such as Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Viton etc.

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    Samples - Technical Scrim Adhesive

    Samples can be submitted for testing upon request.

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    What is Scrim adhesive?

    One of the adhesive tapes in our range is manufactured using a scrim or gauze carrier, which is a very lightweight translucent textile, that is woven to create a ladder or diamond pattern onto which the glue or adhesive is coated ready to then be applied  the release liner.  The main advantage to using a scrim is to reinforce the adhesion and reduce the risk of stretching the material when applied or removed.  For further information on scrim adhesive please get in contact with our team.

    The word scrim can refer to any woven material that is used for linings such as adhesives. They are usually found as coarse fabrics that are also often used in upholstery.

    Why use Scrim Adhesive?

    The main use for using a scrim with your self-adhesive backing is to provide a stronger and more reliable adhesion, the scrim will assist with strengthening the material as well as creating a longer and more robust adhesion when applied. 

    The scrim carrier means this particular adhesive is more conformable therefore ideal for bonding uneven surfaces.  Scrim adhesive tapes are great for all round general purpose bonding using foam for example seals, gaskets, insulation and applications requiring higher temperature performance such as automotive interiors.

    Bespoke Adhesive

    As ASG produce self-adhesive tape using in-house state of the art coating machinery, it allows us to produce bespoke adhesive tape using many combinations of carriers, liners and adhesives.  Using our own adhesive tapes in our foam, sponge, rubber, cork and plastic conversion processes, ensures we can offer high quality products at competitive prices.

    Benefits of Scrim Adhesive

    • Strong
    • Reliable
    • Robust 
    • Long Lasting
    • Stretch Resistant

    The Advantages of Scrim Adhesive

    Scrim adhesive holds many advantages as the scrim allows for easier removal of the release liner, help with creating a stronger adhesion when applied, strengthen the material as the scrim will prevent the material from stretching or deforming and so offering good conformability to flat or curved surfaces.

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