Anti Fatigue Rubber Matting

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd supply an extensive range of high-quality solid rubber rolls of material, one of which includes a number of rubber matting products, such as anti-fatigue matting rolls, in various grades, sometimes also called floor matting, each with characteristics suited to different applications. 

One type of matting we can offer is a selection of Anti-Fatigue which is usually supplied as pre-measured sheets or ‘mats’, however, where the bevelled edges are necessary, Anti-Fatigue rubber matting can be manufactured and supplied in anti-fatigue matting rolls form. 

Even though these mats are stocked in standard roll sizes, our in-house conversion services allow customers the option of taking the mats in their complete anti-fatigue matting rolls form, or cut down to a specific shape or size sheet, and even with a self-adhesive backing for easier fitting and installation. 

What are Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting Rolls?

Anti-fatigue matting rolls can be used as floor coverings to serve a number of purposes such as to create a non-slip and easy to clean surface or as floor protection. Anti-fatigue matting rolls are continuous lengths of rubber material from which sheets and mats can be cut, all serving the same purposes listed above, but are constructed in a way that they also offer a number of health benefits, by reducing strain on muscles and joints, therefore improving the comfort of staff when they are standing for long periods of time.

Anti-Fatigue Matting Rolls

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Health & Safety: reduce trips, slips, backache, joint and muscle strain
    • Resistances: chemicals, oils, greases, electricity and lubricants (depending on type taken)
    • Colour: generally black - but some types can be supplied with coloured edge trim to improved viability

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    Samples - Technical Anti Fatigue Rubber Matting

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    Why use Anti-Fatigue Matting Rolls?

    Anti-Fatigue Matting is sometimes taken in anti-fatigue matting rolls form to cover large areas such as the entire lengths of a production line, as opposed to individual mats which may cause a trip hazard or hold dirt between the gaps. 

    Not only do Anti-fatigue matting materials play a crucial role in health and safety in terms of providing a non-slip floor surface, but for industries such as kitchen staff, assembly or packaging lines where employees are standing for most of the day, these mats provide the benefit of the anti-fatigue properties, where the soft structure of the matting encourage the user to continuously move about, therefore encouraging them to reposition their feet, this movement reduces strain on leg joints and muscles, increases blood flow and maintains staff productivity.

    Benefits of Using Anti-Fatigue Matting

    • Create non-slip floor and work surfaces
    • Used to reduce joint and muscle straight and backache
    • Easy to clean
    • Floor protection and insulation 
    • Can be cut down to bespoke sized sheets, pads or anti-fatigue matting rolls
    • Available in a choice of grades and finishes

    Advantages of using Anti-Fatigue Matting Rolls

    Using anti-fatigue matting rolls offers a number of advantages to employees and employers. Reducing pain and injury not only prevents staff from taking time off work sick but also means employers don't lose productivity.  Having the anti-fatigue matting prevents slips and falls, creating a safe and easy to clean working area. 

    Providing employees with anti-fatigue matting, reduces the strain on their legs and back, and increased blood flow and circulation, therefore doing as the name states - reducing fatigue, improving concentration and productivity. Anti-fatigue matting rolls is available in a range of surface and material types, which can offer resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, static and electricity. 

    Many anti-fatigue matting materials are manufactured in roll form, which allows customers to cut them to size as and when they’re needed, but also giving them the option to use longer lengths to cover larger floor surfaces rather than placing individual mats down.  For more information on our anti-fatigue matting rolls, or to discuss which mat is right for you, please give our friendly sales team a call.

    Types of Anti-fatigue Matting Available

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