Basotect Foam Seals

As one of the UK’s largest material converters, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Seals Ltd work with a network of manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to offer a wide array of seals (including our melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals), with Melamine or Basotect being just one of many polyurethane seals on offer.

Other names used when describing this material can include Melamine foam, Basotect foam, Melamine Basotect foam or Melamine Polyurethane foam. Melamine foam is manufactured in jumbo or master blocks (buns), which are 2500mm long x 1250mm wide x 500mm thick as standard, held in stock ready for conversion, where they can be cut, sawn or split into sheets or joined and split to produce melamine PU foam rolls from which basotect polyurethane foam seals can be cut.

We supply the highest quality polyurethane foam seals, such as melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals, that take the forms of gaskets, washers and extrusions, which are all designed for the purpose of preventing or reducing leaks or the ingress of air, fluids and gas. All our seals are made to order and are produced using samples or drawings provided by customers to ensure the final product perfectly fits the application. As each form of seal needs to be manufactured using a different process, ASG have invested heavily in various machinery meaning we can offer high or low quantities.

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    Key Characteristics of Melamine Basotect Gaskets

    • Colour: various shades grey, white
    • Cell Structure: open - microcellular
    • Temperature Resistance: 240 ˚C
    • Density: 9.5 kg/m3
    • Fire resistant: UL94 : 94 V-0 and 94 HF-1, Class O
    • Resistances: all organic solvents, acids and alkalis must be tested as resistance varies depending on exposure and concentration

    The full technical data for our melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals can be supplied upon request, or downloaded from our online portal.

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    Samples - Technical Basotect Foam Seals

    Samples can be submitted for testing upon request.

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    What Are Melamine Basotect Polyurethane Foam Seals?

    A ‘seal’ is something often taking the form of a washer, gasket or other components which can be used as gap filler between surfaces or pipes, acting as a separator or barrier to prevent liquids, particles or gasses from escaping or penetrating the application or surrounding environment. Melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals can also be used for insulation and vibration depending on applications where a high temperature, lightweight foam is required.

    Melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals can be made from almost any material which is selected depending upon the application and properties required, Melamine or "Basotect" foams are a low density, open-cell PU foam, formulated using melamine resin (a duroplastic synthetic material) to create a light weight, flexible and very soft material, available in a choice of colours ranging from very dark grey, to white each suited to different applications and to be aesthetically pleasing. Using in-house machinery we can produce melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals the form of simple strips i.e gasket tape or or carved and fabricated into bespoke profiles to create the perfect fit.

    Manufacturing basotect polyurethane foam seals in-house even means we can supply them in a plain or self-adhesive backed finish and even laminate multiple types of material together to create bespoke and unique variations.

    Why Use Melamine Basotect Polyurethane Foam Seals?

    Basotect polyurethane foam seals can be made using different types of solid PU and PU foams, with PU foams varying greatly between types in appearance and the properties they offer, for example reticulated foams have a very open cell structure for air and water filtration applications, whereas polyester foams have a tighter cell structure which will allow air flow but will filter out dust particles.

    Melamine Basotect foams are often preferred for the production of melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals for a number of reasons, these include it’s working temperature range, where the seals can be used in high temperature applications reaching up to 240°C as well as being naturally flame resistant even without the need for additional additives.

    Melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals are often found utilised within many industries including building & construction in the form of acoustic and thermal insulation, used within machinery, marine equipment for sealing in order to provide noise and vibration absorption and also widely used within the HVAC industry to create air conditioning or ventilation components to fit between pipes and ductwork, where this soft material can be perfectly pressed into shape.

    Benefits Of Using Melamine Basotect PU Foam

    • Melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals have an open cell structure allowing for water absorption
    • Abrasive properties
    • Flame resistance
    • Basotect polyurethane foam seals have high sound and thermal insulation properties
    • Lightweight
    • Heat endurance

    The Advantages of Using Melamine Basotect Foam Seals

    Melamine Basotect foam seals have a number of excellent properties and can be utilised in a broad spectrum of applications and industries insulation, sound absorption, vibration dampening and filtration components within the HVAC industry. This foam is very light weight which makes it ideal for producing basotect polyurethane foam seals which need to be within aerospace and automotive interiors.

    Melamine basotect polyurethane foam seals are suitable for very high-temperature applications - remaining stable even at 240⁰C and are naturally flame retardant without the need for further additives during the compounding process.

    Melamine Basotect Polyurethane Foam is manufactured as standard in a block size of 2500mm long x 1250mm wide x 500mm thick, which can be split down and cut or pressed or fabricated into basotect polyurethane foam seals of any size and in thicknesses from as little as 1.5mm.

    All of our seals can be supplied in a plain or self adhesive option - available in several shades of grey and white to be physically more attractive when placed in position.

    Other Grades of Open Cell PU Foams Available:

    Polyester - This material has an open cell structure suited for use as filtration media for sound - ideal for speaker panels.

    Polyether is made up of large open cells which allow for airflow without retaining moisture, making it perfect for use as filtration foams, aquarium foams and marine equipment.

    Class O Acoustic is found used in many acoustic and thermal insulation applications within building and construction industries. It can also be used in heating and ventilation applications where a fire rated material is essential.

    Reticulated Foam recognised by its fully open cellular structure and appearance, which is ideal for air and liquid filtration, even when used with mild acids and alkalis, fuel, organic chemicals, oils, lubricants and detergents. Available in 10ppi 20ppi 30ppi 45ppi 60ppi 80ppi (pores per inch).

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