Butyl Washers

Butyl Washers

Butyl Washers

At Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we craft a diverse range of washers, including butyl washers, from solid butyl rubber stocked in various thicknesses available in rolls. Our in-house production process involves close collaboration with customers to ensure precise specifications.

To create these washers, we use drawings, samples, or measurements provided by our customers, employing a range of presses, kiss-cut machines, or CNC machines, depending on the size and quantity needed. Washers serve multiple purposes, such as sealing against dust, air, and moisture, filling gaps between uneven surfaces, or dampening noise and vibration. Our Hypalon rubber washers come with options like foils, self-adhesives, or lamination to other materials, and can be supplied as loose parts or kiss-cut on rolls, catering to different requirements.

What are Butyl Washers?

Solid Butyl rubber is a synthetic blend of isobutylene and isoprene, resulting in Polyisobutylene (PIB). PIB possesses valuable properties, including outstanding thermal stability, UV and weather resistance, and an impermeable structure crucial for gas sealing and air retention applications.

When cut to form a washer with specified outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) measurements, these components can be employed for various purposes. Hypalon washers can serve as spacers, seals, or pressure distributors between surfaces or nuts and bolts.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black
    • Shore Hardness: 60°
    • Temperature Range: -40°C - +140°C
    • Thickness available: 1mm - 20mm
    • Resistances: Flex cracking, AbrasionTear, impact resistance, weather resistance, UV, oxidation, water/steam
    • Applications: sealing against moisture, gas and air, anti-vibration 
    • Finish: cloth, cloth/cloth or plate

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
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    ASG manufactures washers in our recently upgraded facilities, featuring cutting-edge machinery like multiple presses and an oscillating knife. Our in-house production enables close collaboration with clients, ensuring top-quality gaskets tailored to precise specifications for specific applications.

    We craft washers from an extensive array of materials, encompassing EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, polyethylene, Plastazote, Evazote, rubber, silicone sponge, plastic, foam, and many more. For additional information regarding our comprehensive material selection, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

    Why use Butyl Washers?

    Butyl rubber washers serve a wide range of applications exposed to water and gases due to their exceptional durability and resistance. This highly durable material is known for its outstanding UV, weathering, and ozone resistance, making it suitable for both internal and external use.

    Butyl rubber exhibits flexibility and resistance to issues like flex cracking, abrasion, impact, and tear. Its low gas and vapor permeability characteristics make it ideal for sealing gases and air. However, it's important to note that it is not suitable for use with oils and petrol.

    In addition to their sealing function, washers have multiple roles such as ensuring air/liquid-tight seals in pipework, distributing loads to reduce material stress, spacing to achieve proper fastener fit, and dampening vibration in objects with hard surfaces and significant movement.

    The Advantages of Using Butyl Washers

    Butyl rubber washers are a versatile choice, offering numerous advantages owing to their excellent properties and characteristics. This flexible material maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures and has an impressive operating temperature range from -40°C to +140°C. It comes pre-manufactured in various thicknesses, ready for conversion into gaskets, washers, and other products.

    Solid Butyl rubber is highly resistant to UV, weathering, heat, moisture, and some acids and alkaline chemicals, effectively resisting degradation. Its impermeable structure makes it ideal for creating reliable gas and air seals. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom-sized butyl washers in any quantity, with optional self-adhesive or foil backings.

    Benefits of Butyl Washers

    • UV & Ozone resistant
    • Impermeability to gases, compressed air and moisture
    • wide operating temperature range (-40°C - +140°C)
    • Excellent sealing properties
    • anti-vibration properties
    • Flexible with resistance to flex cracking
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