Ceramic Fibre Strip

Ceramic Fibre Strip

Ceramic Fibre Strip

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd work with worldwide suppliers to source the highest quality materials for use in specialist sealing, insulating and gasketing applications.

One such material is Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper, also called Ceramic Fibre Paper. Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper is manufactured in thicknesses between 1mm and 8mm, widths of up to 1260mm and various roll lengths of 40meters to 330 meters depending on thickness, which can be cut down into strips or coils.

Ceramic Fibre Paper strips are all made to order, manufactured by our highly skilled workforce, using state of the art machinery including band saws, strippers, log cutters and even presses depending upon the size and quantity required - for very small strips in high volume runs, a kiss-cut option may also be available for faster production and time efficiency for the end-user.

In-house production allows us to closely oversee the whole production process to ensure that we consistently produce high quality, competitively priced strips.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    Temperature: works up to +1260°C (melting point 1800°C)

    Colour: White

    Thicknesses available: 1mm - 8mm 

    Density: 200-400 kg/m3 (depending on grade)

    Asbestos free

    Resistances: heat shock, vibrastion, extreme temperatures, electrical conductivity, some chemicals

    What are Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper Strips?

    Strips are pieces of material cut to a specific width and length as requested by our customers, in some cases available as continuous rolls or coils to be cut as when needed by the end user, often used in a similar way to a gasket placed between two surfaces to create a seal, provide cushioning or insulation.

    Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper is manufactured using a combination of papermaking techniques, ceramic fibre (alumina silicate) and organic binders. The binders are carefully selected to ensure they do not release unpleasant odours or toxins when they burn during application.

    The process of manufacturing this material ensures an accurate thickness and uniform structure is formed to ensure the reliability of the strip.

    Why use Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper Strips?

    Ceramic fibre paper is used for strip production as it’s is an extremely flexible, lightweight material with a uniform fibre structure offering resistance to thermal shock, fire and provides exceptional tensile and dielectric strength.

    When used with naked flames, once ignited, the binding agents used will burn out, leaving the fibres behind which act as a thermal barrier at temperatures up to +1260°C.

    Ceramic fibre jointing paper strips can be used as a replacement for asbestos (the original toxic type) such as for boiler or pipework insulation in very high temperature environments.

    Advantages of using Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper Strips

    As awareness for the environment and health & safety increases, more emphasis is placed on using the right type of sealing material for specific industries and applications.

    Using Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper offers a number of advantages, mainly its ability to perform in temperatures up to +1260°C, so can be used in applications where there are extreme high temperatures, open flames or sparks.

    Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper strips can be used as electrical or high pressure insulation, refractory or hot top linings, heatshiedling (crucial in the automotive and aerospace industries), as shielding or high temperature gasket strips and wraps.

    Ceramic Fibre Paper is manufactured in a range of roll lengths and thicknesses, making it easier to manufacture very small or long lengths and widths of strip.

    Benefits of using Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper

    • Works in temperatures up to +1260°C.
    • flexible and lightweight.
    • Insulates against thermal shock and vibration
    • Easy to cut.
    • Asbestos free
    • Some chemical resistance
    • Low thermal conductivity

    Where can Ceramic Fibre Jointing Paper be used:

    • Wrap around pipework
    • High Temperature gasket applications
    • Seals in ovens, kilns, furnaces and boilers
    • Fire protection
    • Automotive heat shielding and silencer insulations
    • Molten metal transfer systems
    • Expansion joints
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