Conductive Foam Washers

Conductive Polyethylene Foam Washers

Conductive Foam Washers

Washers supplied by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd (including conductive polyethylene foam washers) are made using one of hundreds of material types, including various types of Polyethylene foams, which are amongst one of the most popular material types on the market.

Polyethylene foams are manufactured in a number of grades and densities allowing them to be utilised in a wide range of industries and applications in the form of washers. One such grade of Polyethylene foam ASG can offer and convert is Conductive Polyethylene. Like most other PE foam it is also manufactured in block form, which can be split down to thicknesses starting from just 1.5mm as sheets or rolls of material before being further converted into conductive polyethylene foam washers.

Conductive polyethylene foam washers are all bespoke and made to order, produced using dimensions, samples or drawings provided by our customers, ensuring the final product perfectly fits the application - with ASG even offering a small sample run if required.

Depending on the size and quantity of the washers required, our production team will select from our range of atoms, autos, travelling head presses, kiss cut pressing machines or for very large or thick washers, we can programme our CNC (oscillating knife) in order to produce the conductive polyethylene foam washers in the most efficient way to keep costs and lead times down.

Our conductive polyethylene foam washers can be produced plain or supplied with a choice of finishes including foils, self adhesives or laminated to other materials. Depending on the size and quantity of the washer, they can be supplied as loosely packed parts, or kiss-cut on a roll for quick and efficient use.

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    Characteristics Of Conductive Polyethylene Foam

    • Colour: Black
    • Density: 30 - 45kg/m3
    • Thickness: min 1.5mm
    • Temperature: MAX operating temperature 90℃
    • Flammability: FMVSS.302-Burn rate <100mm/min
    • Pass: 12mm and thicker
    • Resistances: Impervious to chemicals, moisture and mold/fungal growth

    The full technical data for conductive polyethylene foam washers can be supplied upon request, or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Are Conductive Polyethylene Foam Washers?

    Conductive polyethylene foam washers are a flat ring, comprising of an Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) and the thickness, cut from a sheet or roll of material, which is placed between two surfaces in order to create a level surface, to act as a spacer or to be placed between a nut/bolt to spread the pressure when tightened, creating a seal and a snug fit.

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd offer a number of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) foam washers (conductive polyethylene foam washers), including those made from Conductive Polyethylene Foam. This grade is similar to standard PE foam in composition and how it is manufactured, but has carbon added to the compound mix which produces the deep black colour, a surface resistance of less than 106ohms and high levels of conductivity, designed to allow electrical current to pass through away from the product or component it is protecting. Unlike some of the other ESD foams on the market, Conductive polyethylene is permanently conductive and therefore suitable for repeated use.

    Why Use Conductive Polyethylene Foam Washers?

    Conductive polyethylene foam washers are often used where fragile and valuable items are being manufactured, packaged and transported. Extra protection is often needed to wrap around or fit onto parts of electrically static sensitive components which risk becoming unusable if stored or shipped using the wrong or inadequate packing type.

    Electrical goods and electronic components all naturally have a dielectric nature, making them prone to damage from surrounding electrostatic charge created during handling and movement of devices, or where the item is connected to a product which creates ESD - this is where a sudden surge of electric discharge between two electrically charged objects caused by contact or friction resulting in an electrical short or dielectric breakdown.

    Conductive PE foam is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of ESD as it slowly conducts the charges, allowing them to flow through its cell structure in a controlled manner which prevents discharge or shock.

    Conductive polyethylene foam washers are easy to produce using various production techniques, offer excellent mechanical characteristics including noise and vibration control and can be used for thermal insulation, they can also be used to fill gaps and irregularities between uneven surfaces and fixtures, provide a solution to unwanted rattles, noise, vibrations, to seal against air, gas, dust and liquids, and can also be used to cushion between moving parts to reduce friction and damage to components and equipment reducing the risk of static build up.

    Benefits Of Using Conductive Polyethylene Foam Washers

    • Permanent ESD protection
    • Conductive polyethylene foam washers are Ideal for multi repeat use during packaging, storage and in-plant handling applications
    • Quick and controlled transfer of static charge
    • Easy to convert into washers
    • A soft and lightweight material which offers cushioning
    • conductive polyethylene foam washers reduce the cost of replacing damaged items
    • Closed cell material protects goods from moisture damage

    Advantage Of Using Conductive Polyethylene Foam Washers

    Washers cut from conductive PE foams as with other ESD foams, offer features which help maintain a safe environment, save money and protect expensive components. Some of the properties demonstrated by cconductive polyethylene foam washers include strength and resistance to tear, good shock and impact absorption, vibration dampening and resistance to water, grease, solvents and chemicals and a maximum operating temperature of +90°C.

    Being a closed cell material, conductive polyethylene washers do not support the growth of mould and bacteria, nor does it allow for moisture absorption, it is odourless, non-toxic (unless ignited) and will not cause chemical corrosion to components or surrounding packing.

    As Conductive Polyethylene foams are manufactured and stocked in block form, they can be quickly and easily split or laminated allowing ASG to convert conductive polyethylene foam washers in almost any thicknesses for added security and protection from impact, movement and most importantly, damage from static charge, therefore saving end-users and manufacturers money on having to replace damaged products and also protects those in contact with the component from static shock.

    Applications in which conductive polyethylene foam washers can be found include medical devices , handheld electronic devices, display units such as LCD, LED lighting and within telecommunications, to name a few.

    Alternative Types of Packaging Foam

    • Convoluted or Eggbox Polyurethane
    • Pick & pluck Polyurethane
    • Anti static polyethylene
    • Anti-static Polyurethane
    • Conductive Plastazote foam
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