Silicone Rubber Strips? Food Grade

Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber Strips

Silicone Rubber Strips? Food Grade

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality solid rubber strips, known by various names such as gasket strips and sealing strips. One of our specialized offerings is Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber, available in thicknesses of 1.6mm, 2mm, and 3.2mm, with a width of 915mm. These are supplied in 1-meter widths, extendable up to 10 meters, from which strips can be converted.

Our highly skilled workforce crafts Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber strips using state-of-the-art machinery, tailored to match customer samples or drawings. We can create customized Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber strips using bandsaws, strippers, log cutters, and presses, adjusting to the size and quantity requirements.

In-house production ensures meticulous oversight of the entire manufacturing process, guaranteeing the consistent production of high-quality, competitively priced strips. These electrically Conductive Silicone rubber strips are cut from rolls or sheets, which can be supplied with self-adhesive backing or laminated to other materials. These can then be cut into strips starting at 4mm in width, available in either 10-meter-long continuous coils or pre-cut shorter lengths. This adaptability allows us to meet a wide range of customer needs.

What are Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber Strips?

Conductive Silicone Rubber, infused with carbon, serves as a low-amp conductor, primarily employed to prevent electrostatic discharge buildup. The general term for rubber materials with conductive properties is 'conductive rubber.'

These materials and products effectively combat electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI noise commonly encountered in electronics. Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber strips are customized, cut from sheets or rolls according to your specifications, ensuring precise sizing, lead times, and desired finishes.

These strips find versatile applications, serving as effective tools for noise or vibration control. They can also act as gaskets, strategically placed between surfaces to establish a low-pressure seal, thwarting the escape of dust, liquids, or gas. Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber strips are indispensable in ensuring electronic equipment's optimal functionality and longevity.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black
    • Working Temperature Range:-54°C to + 260°C
    • Sheet size availability:
      • 0.4mm 65° 915mm Plain
      • 0.8mm 65° 915mm Plain
      • 1.6mm 70° 915mm Plain 
      • 3.2mm 65° 915mm Plain
    • Tensile Strength: 775 PSI
    • Elongation at break: 325%
    • Tear Strength: 70 PSI Die `B`
    • Compression set (22hr @100°C): 15%

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber Strips?

    Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber is produced using the standard silicone rubber formula, enriched with conductive carbon particles uniformly distributed throughout the material. This specialized material is exceptional for crafting high-performance mechanical sealing strips, capable of functioning effectively in both high and low-temperature environments.

    Electrically conductive silicone rubber strips offer an impressive combination of weathering, UV, and ozone resistance, rendering them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. With an operating temperature range spanning from -54°C to +260°C, this material finds relevance in various industries and applications. Notably, it is instrumental in electronic enclosure shielding, as well as connectors used in critical sectors such as medical, defense, aerospace, and telecommunications. Its conductivity and durability make it a preferred choice for safeguarding sensitive equipment.

    Advantages of using Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber Strips?

    Electrically Conductive Silicone rubber is a sought-after choice for sealing and strip applications, thanks to its exceptional qualities. Silicone rubber boasts a wide working temperature range, spanning from -54°C to +260°C, rendering it resilient in both freezing cold and scorching hot environments. It excels in both indoor and outdoor settings, defying weathering, ozone, chemicals, and fungal growth.

    Furthermore, this material showcases impressive tensile strength and tear resistance, adding to its durability. Electrically conductive silicone rubber strips are easily cut and widely employed in applications where electrostatic shielding is imperative. Industries such as military, defense, medical, and telecommunications utilize these strips for enclosure seals, covers, door seals, and isolation barriers, ensuring the protection and integrity of their critical equipment.

    Benefits of Electrically Conductive Silicone Rubber?

    • High quality
    • Protection against electrostatic discharge
    • Offers weathering, UV and Ozone resistance
    • Highly flexible
    • Wide operating temperature range

    Different Grades

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have a network of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice, our most popular grades being:

    • High-Temperature Silicone
    • FDA Approved Silicone
    • Metal Detectable Silicone
    • Fluorosilicone
    • Platinum cured Silicone
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